Reuniting💕 Pt.1

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* Taina POV*
It's been a month since i seen or heard from kentrell, he missed two appointments but i expected nothing other since he did say the baby wasn't his" i'm still doing my photo shoot sessions i just wear things to cover my belly i haven't told anyone i'm pregnant besides my manager & she handles my wardrobe so that's a blessing for me. I just got done doing a photo shoot, i was ready to get in bed but i had so much to do today, i had my momma, siblings & my best friend flying up here from BR so i had to get my house ready & their rooms they'll be sleeping in ready before i went grocery shopping. I walked to my car pulling out my phone so i can connect it to bluetooth getting a call from ms.sheronda she still keeps in touch i didn't answer i let it go to voicemail i'll call her back later, i walked off going in the direction of my house" no one ever seen my house sheronda & ben i think it was a nice size for me , it had 5rooms & 3 bathrooms, i had a big backyard with a pool & mini gazebo, my dinning room & living room was kind of connected but i made my dinning room a white room so no shoes & no kids, no eating or drinking, i knew i would have to change it some day cause my baby would start walking & getting into things being messy. I pulled up to my house, getting out & heading upstairs to my room entering the bathroom that's connected i turned on the shower before i stepped out my clothes, i wanted to be comfortable cleaning & doing whatever the more my stomach was getting bigger the more emotional & lazy i got because it was so hard for me to do everything" after finishing up my hygiene & slipping on a long sleeve crop top with some biker shorts i went around the house fixing everything washing the bed sets off each bed in the guest room before i went in my room sitting down, i had to clean the kitchen & then go to walmart since it's closer & i needed more then just food, i was tired at times like this i missed kentrell cause he would do everything for me"I should call Ben he been coming around a lot lately helping with me a lot of things i know kentrell sent him but i didn't mind so i wasn't alone & i didn't have to do everything but where was he right now🙄. I grabbed my pocket book and keys, slipping on my shoes before going downstairs sitting my belongings down & getting started on the kitchen, After 30 minutes i was finally done" I knew i would want to pick up extra things so i'll call ben to see if he's busy, putting my finger print going to *Ten💚* hearing it ring, Wassup sis? you okay? Hey Ben, i wanted to go to walmart are you busy? No i'm not, i'm at momma sheronda house you can come get me, Ok i'll be there in 30"Thanks a lot i told him, np sis💚 he said before hanging up. I walked out to my car plugging up my phone i wanted to listen to kentrell new song but i didn't wanna hear his voice i'll just wait til ben get in the car that's all he listen to, they was more then friends & i love their bond🤞🏾.
* Kentrell POV*
I was sitting in the living room at my momma house waiting on my shawty, we was keeping it low key" I really missed Taina but i have to stay away from her so i won't hurt her. I heard ben on the phone talking to somebody before he hung up, Aye say 10💚 what shawty that is? Taina, she bout to come get me so she can go food shopping, she got her family & bestfriend coming from BR he said before standing up walking into the kitchen. I was all in my thoughts when i heard the doorbell ring, Three3 opened the door, hey sis before i looked over seeing Taina, wow she was fucking glowing & i was shocked at how her bump was so beautiful " Hey Everyone she said before walking into the kitchen calling my mom name, i love how they bonded her love for my mom was different & pure♥️, hearing the doorbell again brung me out my thoughts, my shawty walked in we wasn't together but we was fucking around. Hey babe she said before kissing me, I looked over seeing Taina walking in the living room she didn't pay me no mind & it kind of hurt me but i just kissed lil shawty before she noticed Taina, um kentrell what is your baby mother doing here i thought you was done with her, i looked at her before Three3 spoke up, Aye stay in yo place this ain't that. I looked over seeing Taina & ben all into conversation before they got up getting ready to leave"Bye momma i'll see you later! She said about to walk out, yeah bitch you better be leaving kentrell no longer wants you, Taina turned around with Ben jumping in front of her leading her outside, before Ben turned around giving me a death glare " yo control that bitch" i knew ben was upset cause he never call girls out they name. I turned around seeing my mother right there about to go off before i took shawty hand leading her upstairs in my old room, you can't be doing all that to her that's my baby mother respect her how she respect you" I don't talk to her i told you that so just believe me & don't start no mess is all i ask of you. I grabbed my keys before leading us downstairs & out the door, i'll just take her to my house or i won't hear the last of it & i know it'll get back to Montana, he loved Taina so much like a daughter"i'll apologize for her later cause even after everything Taina didn't disrespect me & i didn't want nobody disrespecting her.

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