21 - Disaster. Absolute Disaster

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Timothy McAllister

Kirt has been working hard to take care of all of us since Sergio left. The only fault I find in him is that he doesn't stand up for himself. I am not saying that he is a coward. When it's for a group or his friends, he stands up for them, but when he gets attacked, he doesn't respond at all.

That day (six days since Sergio disappeared), Kirt went to Zachary and Bill and politely told them, "Hey guys, I just have a small favor to ask of you. Brian counted the number of resources that we have, and it turns out that if we stop using the air conditioners we could extend the life of our fuel."

"The [explicit] do I care," Bill said as he held him by his neck.

"[Explict] idiot. Do you think you're someone so great, like a leader to tell us what to do?" joined Zachary.

They shoved him onto a capsule until Jackson King stood up for Kirt. Jackson King wasn't the best of all the students, but he sure was grateful to Kirt for helping him with his studies, when he needed help the most. And Jackson was one person who couldn't stand seeing Good Old Kirt getting walked over.

If I was in Kirt's spot, I would have just asked Bill and Zach to leave if they couldn't follow the rules we put for everyone's benefit. But Kirt, being long-suffering, just allowed them to stay. Kirt didn't fight back, he just walked away and continued to help everybody else.

I think Kirt must learn how to stand for himself.

It began raining that night. We thought that the storm had cleared, but we were wrong. The storm came back to the rainforest.

Shifaly Udawatte

Avanthi and I didn't speak that day. We both were regretting the words that we told each other. When I saw Avanthi during lunch, she just walked away and began hanging around with Radeesha and the other girls. When we went outside to play some badminton (since the storm completely cleared in our area), Avanthi just avoided me.

Avanthi didn't understand that I was friends with Basura because I forgave him.

She thought that Basura and I liked each other. We didn't like each other more than how friends like each other.

I couldn't believe how a simple exchange of words could affect such a strong friendship. I regretted the way I argued with her. The sad thing of arguments is that we never feel regret or remorse until it is too late.

What was the use of me feeling sad after I lost such a great friendship?

Felipe Alvarez Altamirano Espadachín

I fixed an appointment with Mr. Guerrero that afternoon. It was the seventh day since the day when the storm had begun. The floods have subsided in many parts of the city. Police reports confirmed that the sewage system was fully restored and that it began sucking in all the floodwater. Power was still not supplied, because some areas were still flooded.

I had two more days before my postponed date of transfer. A lot happened during the week when I was waiting for my transfer. As I stood by my desk, I reflected on my entire week right from the rescue of Basilio, to Basilio's death, to the Interrogations and finally to the capture of Scapoli.

Alejandro told me that he would take care of the Basilio Armada's death case and the interrogation of Scapoli because he thought that it was better if I focussed on preparing myself for my duty in the rainforests. Weather reports said that after clearing in the morning and afternoon, the storms returned to the rainforests in Eastern and South-Eastern Bolivia.

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