The Next Step Part 25

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Emma's POV...

" All right. Are you ready Jen?" I called out to my sister who was still in the bedroom getting ready. My sister has always taken her time getting ready for any occasion we might be attending. The fact that we look very much alike makes people thing we are in fact, twins and not the year apart that we actually are.

It has taken us a while to get here at this time of the year and in this place we have not been in before now. Both of us being as busy as we have finishing off our degrees being unable to do anything except finish our core courses to be able to do what we do now. Mother was so surprised that we have become as smart as we have. But I don't know why she would think that.

" We have good blood running through our veins." Jen said to her with a smirk when it came out that we were both equally smart and going into the same university. Just to different area's.

Jen is now a certified historian like our fathers grandmother was. Our real great-grandmother,  barb, that is. On our biological fathers side. She likes getting her hands dirty in old things. The older and dirtier, the better as far as she is concerned. I heard that Barb was exactly the same as well. I learned a few years after we started university that it was our great-grandmother who found and authenticated some of the books and volumes of classical stories that were lost for decades. 

They belonged to our great-great-great great grandmother, Florence. But all that was a story for another time. It is just that Jen is very much like Barb and likes to dig up old books and manuscripts. She can get really lost in them.

But me, I take after my mothers grandmother, Sophia and became a doctor. I listened to the stories that I heard about my great grandmother and found myself drawn to the medical profession. Specifically into cardiology. Like Sophia. I can only vaguely remember them, her and Poppa Sax. They died several years after me and Jen came back from Australia.

Mumma was a bit upset when she heard about it. But Mumma is strong. She has to be to put up with Dad.

I can still remember when my mother and Drake got married. It sent the whole town into a tizzy of gossip. But we didn't care. I can remember with Jen that Drake came along and he spent time with us and our new sister Mallory.

I can't believe how much I liked the older woman. Even though she was a kid when mother met her. She was having a baby and she was only fourteen years old. Still a baby really. It was Drake, our stepdad, who was actually Lory's real father. He was just as surprised as mother was when it all came out who she was after she was found in the back store room of Mumma's shop in town.

My mother, and grandmother Rory, are such wonderful women that I am so proud to have been born into their family. Both women did whatever it was that was necessary to make sure that us three girls were looked after so that we had no problems growing up except the usual ones that came along.

Jen and me, we talked a lot after we came back to America. We both missed Australia and even though we did not get on that well with our fathers family back in those days, they were still family and mother knew it. She would always ask us if we wanted to call our Daddy or want to visit with him in those first few years. But we didn't like the long flights back and forth. I don't think any real kids does.

We spoke about many things that had been happening that mother didn't think we knew about. Like Lois having daddy's baby when she was not supposed to. Only our Mumma was supposed to have babies to Daddy. But when that other lady did and turned up like she did with that big belly, it made Mumma cry nearly every night. She doesn't know that we know. But we do.

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