An Uncomfortable Position Part 23

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29th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

If that brief kiss was anything to go by, I can only imagine how breathless I am going to be by the time I really get into it with Drake. My heart is still beating away a little fast after that brief moment.

I would have smirked more than smiled after seeing the stunned look on Drakes face as I turned to walk away. But my mother was there watching and I had to restrain myself.

I was still smiling as I walked into my office, or rather, my mothers office that she lets me use on occasion. I really should end up getting my own somewhere so it does not interfere with mothers and her business.

" All right. What do we know?" I asked the smiling man who was sitting in mothers chair behind her desk and slowly spinning from side to side.

" Nothing much. Just a mortgage that Jarrod somehow took out on the farm and used it for Lois and her son. It more or less drained all the profits and finances of the farm out from underneath his family." He said as he leaned back and cupped his fingers together behind his head. He sort of looked like the cat that swallowed the canary with how he was looking at me just then.

" And that is relevant to me and the girls because...?" I asked with a shrug of my shoulders as I stepped forward and plopped into the chair and sat my cup on the desk in front of me.

The Barnes finances are their problem. It doesn't have anything to do with me. It never did. That was why I made sure that my wishes were noted in the divorce that I did not want anything from the farm. It belonged to the family and had nothing to do with us. Not even the girls.

" From what our sources ave been able to find out, Jarrod finally came clean to his parents when the bank started ringing and wanting to know when the payments were going to start coming. Since there were no payments that could be made, the bank was going to be taking over the farm and selling it off to recoup it's money." He said which made me frown.

" That farm has been in that family for decades. Last century or the one before it. It means a lot to them. I would imagine the whole family are now scrambling to get the money up to pay a couple of months of payments by now. How much did that idiot ex husband of mine take a loan for?" I had to know. I was feeling a little concerned as I would for anyone in this situation. But they must be desperate to try and do what they are now attempting with trying to take my girls.

" Over one point two. The family are now desperate trying to find ways to get rid of the loan." Knox informed me.

I gasped in shock when I heard how much. 

" Desperate people do desperate things because they are acting irrationally." I mumbled as I thought about it.

The farm makes that every couple of years or so. But they have overheads and staff to pay along with keeping the day to day running of it going. But to take out a loan like that and spend it on a lying thieving bitch like Lois?

" Can Lois be found and have the funds recouped in some way?" I thought out loud before looking at Knox.

" My people are already on it. It seems that Lois and the partner had this whole thing planned long before she even met Jarrod. Something to do with a family grudge that went back a couple of generations. Your mother might even know something since she met a couple who were involved in it." He said to me which had me frowning.

" Really? What would mother know about it?" I wondered as I got to my feet and made my way out into the hall.

" Mooommm." I yelled knowing that the yelling would annoy her... a little.

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