To Wait Or Not To Wait? Part 22

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29th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

Waiting for anything can be very stressful. And painful. And annoying. Both irritating and annoying. I think we all know that I do not like to wait for anything. And this latest bit of news was sending any anxiety I have right up through the roof.

At the moment I was sitting in the family room having another coffee while the girls are still outside with Drake. But this time, they are all sitting on the grass in front of him while he appears to be telling them a story. He grabbed a garden chair and brought it over for Lory to sit on so she didn't have to get down to the lawn. It might be easy to get down, but it is hard getting up. I remember that much very clearly.

I was waiting for Knox to get back to me. Or rather, waiting for him to come outside after he finishes using my office. He had me wait until I could find out what it is that Jarrod and his family are up to. But whatever it was, I don't think it was going to affect my girls too much. At least I hope not, anyway.

" hey." I jerked when I heard Drake speak above me. I hadn't even heard or seen them all come inside. I looked up at him watching as his face looked a little flushed on it.

" They kept you busy, didn't they?" I said to him with a slight smirk.

" Yeah. They certainly have a lot of energy." He said as he lowered himself to the heavy set coffee table that doubles as a foot stool, in front of me. I smiled. I am grateful that he takes the time he usually has to spend with Lory and also includes my girls as well.

" Thank you." I said to him softly.

" For what?" The look on his face was a bit confused as he looked at me as he asked me that.

" For including my girls in the time that you spare for Lory. I do appreciate it." I smiled at him when I said that to him.

" It's no problem. Your girls are great." He said back to me with a smile. I just looked at him. Just like he was looking back at me. Then I thought of something.

" Why did you go off the rails like you did all those years ago. You know, becoming a male slut." I asked him with a cheeky grin calling him that.

" Um.. Well." He rubbed the back of his neck which was going a lovely shade of red after he heard me call him what I did. He certainly was not expecting that from me.

" Must have been a good reason." I muttered as I sipped my coffee. I was curled up with my feet tucked under me on the couch near the window looking out to the garden.

" I guess I was pissed." He muttered back at me as he dropped his hands and clasped them together between his knees.

" At what?" I asked him. 

I was feeling really curious about the sudden change in him all those years ago. Him pinching my butt like he did that first time really was out of character for him now that I think about it.

" At my dad." He mumbled without raising his head.

" What about him? What did he do?" I asked him as I watched and waited for him to say something.

" Who did he do, is more like." My eyebrows went through the roof when he said that. I had thought that his parents were the closest people I have ever known. They were so loving and caring of each other. But I guess I was wrong.

" He was unfaithful?" I asked him quietly. He lifted his head and looked at me with a grimace on his face.

" I wanted to meet up with him for lunch so I headed down to the office. It was something I usually did when I had free time from school. I usually go in through the back door which is usually left unlocked except if you had the code to unlock the door. Which I had. Mother was helping Gran with the preserves for the end of the year. I knew that he was there and just walked right on in on him." He sort of winced as he said that last bit. 

I can just imagine what he walked in.

" Doing the dirty were they?" I muttered which had him glance back at me with his dark brown eyes after he had been looking out the window passed my shoulder while he remembered back tot hat time, years ago. His eyes had hardened with both pain and anger as he remembered.

" On his damn desk. The same desk that mother worked her ass off getting for him because she knew that he would need a really nice one for his new office." He sat back a bit with a distasteful look on his face as he remembered that memory as if it happened early this morning.

" That would have been a shock." I mumbled softly. This was not a conversation any of the kids should walk in on.

" Yeah, it was. I don't know who was more shocked, them or me?" He sneered as if they were right in front of him.

" I hope that you gave them what for." I blurted out which only had him look at me with eyes that now looked amused more than anything.

" I told my father if he didn't sack his secretary right there and then, I was going to walk out the door and after telling my mother about them, I was going to tell the whole town what a pair of whores they were. They were that shocked, they didn't even see that I had my mobile out and took photo's of them both still in the same position I caught them in when I came in through the door." He said a bit pissed off. I would have been too. 

I fact, I think I was when I found out that Baz was now in the picture. But I didn't go off like he did. neither Sonny or Ms Brae would let me. They watched me like a hawk.

" I suppose that would tick me off too. So, I suppose, to teach them a bit of a lesson, you decided to be the town tart that dragged your fathers name through the mud?" I asked him which had him grin at me.

" Yeah. Sort of like that." He muttered as he still grinned at me.

" You are bad, Drake Johnson. Plain bad." I said to him with my own smirk. 

We just grinned at each other. There was nothing more to say since I remember very well what Drake got up to back in those days. Or who, I should mean. It was unfortunately, one of the things that was used against him when that girl cried rape at him.

" Lila. Knox wants to see you in the office." Mother stood there int he doorway and looked at the two of us.

" I better get to seeing what he wants then." I said as I slowly uncurled myself from the comfortable lounge I was sitting on. I had to reach out and steady myself with a hand on Drakes shoulder as I moved passed him.

" You are really bad." I whispered quietly so only Drake would hear me saying that.

Then I don't know who was more shocked at what happened next, Mother or Drake when I bent down and kissed the man before stepping passed him.

" At least you will have plenty of experience by the time you get into my bed." I whispered against his lips when I slowly pulled back enough to see his shocked eyes looking back at me.

Then, with both his eyes on me and my mothers who were squinted somewhat as she looked at me. I slowly, with a slight swing of the hips, made my way out of the room passed my mother and smiling at her like the woman I am who knows what I now want to have in my life. I knew if I waited long enough, I would end up with a half decent man. He just doesn't know it yet.

I was still smiling as I walked into my mother office to grin at Knox who looked somewhat bemused back at me for some silly reason.

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