A Bit Of A Slur Part 21

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28th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

I am going to snot him if he so much as grabs my butt one more time like he has been for the last few days.

" Drake.." I glared at him with a growling quiet voice as I looked to make sure that no one was watching us. The damn moron is really beginning to push buttons on so many levels at the moment.

The fool just smirked at me and jumped back out of reach. His time will come. It did in the past and it will again.

I know what he is doing. He is trying to distract me after Knox has personally come to me to deliver news to me which could in fact change all of our lives. It has to do with the Hague Convention and where the rights of the custody of children are concerned. A number of countries are signatories of the Convention, two of which are America and Australia.

It basically says that children can not be removed from the country they come from. Permission needs to be given for the removal of children by one parent to the other. I know that in some cases children do get removed by one of the parents who is not a citizen of the country their children were born in, but those particular countries are not members of the Hague Convention and can leave whenever they want and not answer to anyone including their child's other parent.

That is not the case for us since Jarrod signed his rights away with regards to both of the girls.

Under the Hague Convention, Jarrod can enforce his rights to have the children returned to the country they were born in. The fact that Jarrod did not want to be their father and did not object to them, Emma and Jennai, to be allowed to return to America with me is beside the point.

Using the aboriginal cultural issue thrown in has also been a bit of a hiccup. But Knox also used the fact that as they were more direct descendants of our Native American Indian Heritage, it would sway the eventual court of Convention that the girls will be living and being raised in America with all of their heritage being a large part of their lives. Which it is.

Having Jarrod and his family ignore that and even trying to deter me on the few occasions I tried to teach the girls about the blood running through their veins was not helping them at all.

Having Aboriginal Australian heritage, Knox requested that this all be clarified so as to confirm which tribe they came and descended from. It determines how they are to be taught. I thought that Jarrod's family came from the Kamilaroi tribe or the Waradjuri tribe. But until they can confirm that, their Australian heritage is off the table.

This was the situation we were just about finding ourselves in. But not because of Jarrod. But it was because of his parents. Even Sonny was confused about the whole thing. I spoke with Knox about it who went and spoke to the consulate about it since they too were looking into the whole matter. Having political relations with both countries can be a bit tense I am told and little things like this can become a big problem if one of the parties decides to go public and get their, the public, opinion on the matter since it can and does at times cause whichever country to be persuaded. 

So, the Consulates office was also looking into the matter.

We all agree that there was something fishy happening and we didn't know what it was. Jarrod is not talking and none of the calls I have made to him personally have been fruitful with any information although one small thing did spark my attention that I had to talk to Knox about it.

" So, what do you think?" I asked Knox after calling him about it.

" It shouldn't be a problem. Regardless of where the girls have lived in the past. From all the records and statements you have shown me, neither Jarrod or his family have even contributed to the financial support of the girls in any way. Or you for that matter. That includes the providing of anything material like clothing and such." He said as he wrote down a couple of notes to remind him of what to chase up.

" Is that likely to be a problem for us?" I asked him as I leaned forward to see what he was writing. Not that I could understand his scrawl. It was like a doctors. Only someone else int he medical profession could understand it.

" For us? No!" He said with a grin which caused me to frown.

" But it will for Jarrod?" I asked him with a frown.

" The fact that you married him, and he agreed legally, with the immigration department, that he was going to provide for you and any children of the marriage is a big booboo on his part. Especially when it comes out that he spent not one cent on you and his daughters, but thousands on the woman who he had that affair with which produced a child he also provided for. It does not matter that the child now in question has been proved to be not his biologically. The fact is, he did not spend anything on his Yankee wife and her kids." He quoted as if that was something insulting.

" That sounded a bit racist, don't you think?" I asked him feeling slightly insulted.

" Yes, it is a bit of a slur." He said with a grin as he leaned back on his chair and crossed his arms behind his head. He had this satisfied look on his face that I usually only get to see when he has just won a big case in court. That kind of grin.

"That was what his mother was overheard as calling you and the girls to a few of her friends while in town.  Before and after you left. Spoken in a cafe that is partially owned by an American woman who has lived out in Inverell for most of her life after her father immigrated to Australia for work. The lady in question has given a number of statements along with security footage with audio that has been passed along which will help with the case. Not so help them though." He said with a smirk. I raised my eyebrow at that. But when I think about it, I'm not surprised about it. At least, not too much anyway.

" I hate this. The girls are getting to the point that they don't even want to talk to their father anymore. I try to encourage them. But it is getting really hard now." I leaned back in my chair and looked across to the older man who has been our main family's legal firm for years now along with Uncle Gordon.

" It is a difficult situation where there are no real winners. But, for now, all we can do is just wait until my partners in Australia finish their own investigation and get back to us. Until we know more, we just have to sit tight." He said with a small grin.

I took a deep breath. A quick glance out the window and I can see that Drake is keeping all three girls entertained. Mostly with Lory sitting on a bench while the girls chase Drake around the yard. It was the weekend and no school. The girls all loved their weekends.

" He certainly has come right out of that shell he was in, hasn't he?" I ignored the look that Knox gave me as I smiled at what he just said.

" Yes. It is a bit sad that the man I knew as a kid has turned out to be a better father to my girls that their own biological one. Go figure." I raised up my arms with a shrug as I looked at Knox with amusement.

" I'm needing a coffee. Want one?" I asked him as I pushed myself to my feet.

" Absolutely." He said with a grin. 

He was about to get up when his phone rang. He gave me a regretful smile as he reached for the noisy device that was ringing and I turned and walked away from him leaving him to do whatever lawyers do when their phones ring while they are out of the office.

A few minutes later, he was standing in the kitchen with me looking at me with this cheesy grin on his face. The secretive kind of smile.

" What?" I asked him. I turned back to finish making his and Drakes coffees with the man leaning back against the bench with his arms crossed over his chest all the while grinning at me. It was beginning to unnerve me a bit as I looked at him with a frown.

" Well?" I asked him again.

I handed him his coffee which he took a sip of straight away then look at me with this satisfyingly cheesy grin again.

" We know why they want the girls." Was all he said with this huge grin which had me giving him my full attention as I stood there holding onto Drakes coffee.

This had better be good.

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