Two Lovers, Both Alike In Dignity

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Small mention of Romeo and Juliet so mild off the cuff sentence about double suicide from Katsuki. I'll leave you to it.


*Jirou's P.O.V.*

So me and Momo haven't come out to the class as a couple yet. We agreed a few weeks ago we could tell one person each. She and I ended up telling Denki and Mina together.

Mina apparently "had a feeling we'd end up together" and was really happy for us. And Denki he had no idea, infact he admitted he thought I liked him, which didn't suprise me.

Momo and I have been dating for a few months now and when I told her about the music festival, she promised she'd come saying she wouldn't miss it for the world.

-the visit the theatre for the first time, a few days before the show-

My bandmates and I (along with 1A and B, a few General Studies students and a couple from the Support Department) had just taken our first steps into the gigantic theatre.

It had an even mix of old and modern, were nothing clashed. It felt surprisingly nostalgic. The floors had red carpeting and there were a few white carved pillars, there were flatscreens and really expensive speakers playing classical music.

We all took a seat on the leather couches as Aizawa said to while he went off to talk to someone about something, I wasn't really paying attention.

I had me arms spend across the couch with Denki sitting on my left. Momo came over and sat on my right leaning against the couch and my arm as she closed her eyes and melted into the music.

I smile softly at her, already feeling Mina and Denki's stares. I should be probably look away now..



"Jirou?" Izuku said dragging me from my dream like state.


"You alright?"

I reposition myself, so my elbows are leaning on my knees.

"I'm good, thanks for asking," my smile returning as I look up at him before ruffling my hair.

Thanks for saving me Izuku.


*Izuku's P.O.V.*





I'm surprised I haven't lost the group yet.

Aizawa had to ask the coordinator where we were sitting, so he left us to ourselves. With Iida and Momo in charge of course.

After a while of me being on cloud nine about this place, my eyes fell on Jirou. She looked spaced out.



She was definitely spacing.

"You alright?" I ask, sending her a small sincere smile.

"I'm good, thanks for asking."

She reply was a lot more up beat. I'll have to remember to ask her what she was thinking about later.

Oh! Aizawa's back.


*Third Person*

"The theatre is having a performance of Shakespeare at the moment. We'll be sitting in the bottom level on the 4 or standing as bottom dwellers."

The class of one a made there was into the huge theatrical hall.

The hall was decked out in red and silver. Curtains flowed from the ceiling to floor, the floor a redwood with red carpet patches from the entrance and down towards the stage.

The group of teens took there seats and Aizawa told a few people they should stand as bottom dwellers for they're first play. This included Denki, Izuku, Ochako, Kyoka and Sero.

The play was awesome and everyone had a bunch of fun, especially Denki whom had decided to quote the show all the way back to school. This annoyed a lot of 1-A including the resident hot head.

"Shut the f-ck up, Dunce Face," Katsuki sneered. "CALL ME BUT LOVE, HENCEFORTH I NEVER WILL BE DUNCE FACE!" Denki retorted, in a very boy love fashion. "We didn't even see Romeo and Juliet today you idiot!" Katsuki screeched back.

"ROMEO AND JULIET IS COUPLE GOALS AND YOU KNOW IT!!" Mina butted in. "I'm sorry I don't envy double suicide!" Katsuki yelled back.

"Shut up. I'm trying to sleep," Aizawa mumbled.

The Bakuquad quietly mumbled through the rest of their argument until they finally reached the school grounds.


659! Who-ho! I'm doing goods. Okay Night.


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