'Daddy' , 'The stream is still going' [WARNING: CRINGE]

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Darryl played with Zak's hair, and Zak was just angry at this point.
After some time he stopped playing with Zak's hair, Zak got up and went to his computer.
Darryl got up as well and went to his room.
Zak got bored so he went to make a video, it was the usual, trolling people, in this case, he trolled Darryl.
Zak just heard a "ZAK YOU MUFFIN!" From Darryl's room.
Darryl ran into Zak's room with an angry face.
Darryl was clearly very angry, he ran over to Zak and started tickling him.
"EHAHAHAHAHA! STOO-OP!" Zak was really loudly laughing.
"NOT UNTIL YOU FIX IT YOU MUFFIN!" Darryl didn't stop tickling him.
"StOp oR i'Ll hAVe tO kiSs yOu!" Zak squeaked out mid laughing.
Darryl didn't listen to him, Zak pulled him by his shirt and gave him a quick peck on the lips.
He immediately stopped after Zak did that.

Zak started laughing like a little kid finding out there's an ice cream truck in front of the house. (And because I couldn't describe it any other way)

Darryl walked to his room and started squealing. Again.
"TWO KISSES IN TWO DAYS?!" He kept repeating to himself.

Zak was planning on cutting that thing out, but he decided not to, just to mess with the viewers, he wasn't doing face cam but when they kissed it did that sound when you imitate a kiss.

That's right.


Zak then uploaded the video, and the comments were exploding and fighting over if they actually kissed or not.

Zak just sat there, looking through the comments, after a while of that he realised what he actually did.
He kissed Darryl.
He kissed Darryl
He kissed Darryl


Zak started Panicking.
Eventually they both calmed down.
Zak went on his phone to text Darryl because he was too lazy to go to his room.

•Hey Daddy
•Are you there?
Why are you calling me that???•
•Calling you what?
•I didn't mean to call you that, I meant to
Say daddy.
You just said it again•
•i meant Daddy not Daddy
Don't ask me, I'm not the one changing it.•
•Daddy not Daddy
why in the what world are you calling me•
Zak then screamed at the top of his lungs "I MEANT TO SAY DARRY NOT DADDY FOR MUFFIN'S SAKE!!!" . Darryl clearly heard him and started laughing.
Darryl then stopped laughing and went back to streaming.
Zak then went to Darryl's room and peeked his head in.
"Heeeeere's Skeppy" he said before laughing for like three seconds.
Darryl turned his chair slightly to the side so his left side was facing the computer(s?).
Zak got a brilliant idea. Since he loved teasing Darryl more than when he trolled him,
He went over to Darryl and sat on his lap.

"Z-zak...??? What A-are Y-you doing...???" Darryl was not expecting that.

Zak looked at Darryl. "Hey 'daddy'~" (I'm cringing so hard at myself, there's probably gonna be weirder stuff upcoming.)

Darryl tried getting Zak off of him, "T-the stream is still going..".

Zak's face went pale and red at the same time.
Zak got up, walked to his room, got some stickers and then went to Darryl's room. He put a sticker on the webcam and sat down on Darryl's lap again.
Darryl was just looking at Zak "W-what are Y-you planning...??".

(Warning: Just a bit of weirdness, idk how to describe it.)

Zak moved backward and forward, causing Darryl to squeak in surprise. "Z-Zak! Stop t-that!"
He ignored him and did it again.

Zak did it again, and again.
Darryl tried to not make any sound, but failed, all sounds he did were muffled moans.

(I guess it's fine now?)

Zak then stopped, and gave Darryl a Lil' kiss, then he got off of him and went to his room.
Zak locked the door and started laughing.

Darryl just sat there speechless, a blushing mess.

Then he noticed that the sticker wasn't on the webcam properly and that it was almost peeled off.

The chat and donations were spamming and trying to process what happened.
Then he got a call on TeamSpeak.
He called the person.

User has been moved to your channel•

"Hey, Vin." Darryl said.
"Heeeeeyyyy, I was just watching the stream and noticed what happened." The person explained.
"Oh my Goodness-- literally EVERYONE will know!" Darryl started Panicking.
The person started laughing. "I guess Zak's sticker plan didn't work amirite?"

"Don't tell anyone who wasn't watching about this, got it Vincent?"

(If you didn't know, A6d is Vincent.)

"Yeah yeah, I 'accidentally' recorded it and posted it." Vincent said, chuckling between words.

Darryl was something between embarassed and angry at the same time.

"What if I don't?" Vincent laughed.
Darryl didn't know what to say. "I-I-"
Vincent was still laughing. "You-you?".

User has been kicked from your channel

Vincent was clazily laughing at the message that he got kicked out of the TeamSpeak channel.

Darryl then ended the stream.

Darryl wanted to come back at Zak, but he wasn't sure how though.
Darryl laid on his bed and thought about all the possibilities, but then he decided that the best thing to do would be to tease him just like Zak teased him.

Zak then walked to Darryl's room and peeked his head in. "Hey 'Daddy'~"

Darryl looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Hey, you naughty muffin".

Zak walked over to him and looked down at him.
"What are you gonna do now you muffin?". Darryl raised an eyebrow again, knowing Zak was up to something again.

Zak sat next to the bed and then kissed Darryl's neck.

"S-stop that. I-idiot." Darryl said, blushing again.

Zak just rolled his eyes and got up. "Fineeee, I'll stop teasing you for now". Zak then walked out into his room.



Darryl and Zak already finished dinner and got showered.
Darryl was already asleep, Zak was still editing.
Zak finished editing and then went to sleep.

Unfortunately, Zak couldn't fall asleep.

Zak then tried sleeping on the couch, still Couldn't fall asleep.
So he went to Darryl's room and shook him.
Darryl woke up and with very tired eyes looked at Zak. "What is it...?"

"I can't sleep"

That's a to be continued for you.
Sorry :v

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