Part 28 Chapter 1X-Boot Diplomacy

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Wulfie lay dormant on my pillow. Above her, the hands of my moon clock lagged in their rotation across the dial. I longed to leave the embassy. Tyee had promised to meet with me at three. If only that time would come.

Gagnon wanted translations of news articles and she'd recommended I study up on legal vocabulary. My legal understanding sucked. But it was dull. Very dull.

When closing my eyes, I could still merge with Shewolf in the harbor and feel that Tyee was aboard, but I didn't look in on him.

I continued working out which legal terms were most closely equivalent between the two languages. When I got stuck, I hailed Grandpa. He sent tracts on the Fenrian justice system. Good Danna! Beyond dull.

Shewolf butted in with a view of two women standing on the dock, young women, girls about my age, or a little older.

"Ahoy sailor!" called the girl dressed in a periwinkle smock. Beside her, the girl dressed in apple green turned, covered her face, and giggled.

"Ahoy!" responded Rothrocki. "What are you about?"

"The tide. And we like your ship."

"She's a fine ship," said Rothrocki proudly.

"Can we have a tour?"

"I can't believe you just asked him that," said Applegreen.

"I'll see what I can do," said Rothrocki.

He hailed Captain Alop.

"A good public relations move," said Alop.

"See, I told you so," said Periwinkle to her companion.

As Rothrocki conducted the girls up the gangway, we growled and barked from the quarterdeck. He hadn't asked the ship.

Periwinkle backed into Applegreen. "Does it bite?"

"The ship's security system." Rothrocki belatedly bowing. "Shewolf, may I introduce you to our guests."

Hesitantly, first Periwinkle, then Applegreen bowed as well.

I bobbed the wolf head and grinned, showing ivory teeth.

"Is she alive?" Periwinkle exclaimed.

"Sort of. She's a telechiric belonging to the queen. That means that she is part of Her Majesty Fenna."

Applegreen's eyes grew wide. She bowed deeply this time. "Your Majesty."

"But she can operate independently," said Rothrocki.

Tyee arrived dressed in his usual Seaguard kit, the tops of his boots folded down, a knife on his life vest, and his scars freshly shaved and gleaming under the ropes of his hair.

Applegreen's mouth opened and seemed to get stuck that way.

Okay I was seriously jealous. So was Shewolf.

"Tyee, we have visitors," said Rothrocki. "Ladies, this is Tyee Fennako. He's not the king or even the captain."

Applegreen closed her mouth and squeaked out, "Greetings."

Periwinkle collected herself. "Your friend is giving us a tour." She moved close to Tyee. Was she batting her eyelashes?

We growled and Periwinkle jumped.

Rothrocki laughed. "Shewolf is partial to Tyee. She thinks she owns him."

We whined. We did not!

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