Chapter 10

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"Uncle...Yan." Yao Si had a doubt."Didn't you say all the people of the Blue Planet were extinct? If all the survivors were turned into bloodlings, then how do you have newborn bloodlings?" If only the Blue Planetspeople couldbe converted into bloodlings, then the reality didnt make sense.

"Good question!" Yan Xuan was pleased and praised her. "Able to realize this problem, my little baby is really smart."


He clicked on the textbook generated by the optical computer in his hand and pulled up some materials to continue his explanation.

"Indeed, we bloodlings cannot reproduce, and every bloodling can only convert one descendant,"he stated with a solemnface."That's why the first bite for the bloodlings is a once in a lifetime thing, it is extremely important. Unless it is doneby absolute necessity, like during the doomsday era that happened onthe Blue Planet beforeonly then may it be free of this worry. It is because of that the population ofevery generation of bloodlings isfixed, with a base number of around three thousand. That's why we are also called the third species."

The third species, so it was also because of this that Dr. Wang and others called Earth the third planet?

"Although the Blue Planetspeople no longer exist"Yan Xuan sighed"but with the genetic technology today, we can replicate the original Blue Planetspeople as long as we find theirgenes."

"Clones!" Yao Si's eyes widened.

"Yes. But..."He shook his head in pity."The genes are all unique, those that get successfully replicated are rare. That's why evenwiththis kind of technology, the success rates are still very low, and theBlue Planetspeople that finally get replicated have, more or less,some original genetic traits."

"Genetic traits?" What didthat mean?

"For example, memories from their past life and things like that." He looked at her, his smile making hiseyes narrow into a thin line."Just like you, my little baby."

Yao Si was distracted. She finally understood that he thoughtwhat she said earlier were the memories brought about by these genes, that's why he wasn't surprised at all.

"But,my baby,don't worry, these memories will fade away in no time." He caressed her head and comforted her, "Soon you will return to your real self, a good,obedient baby. Until then,there are things which my baby will have to learn, lots and lots of them."


Was that why he was determined to call her baby? But she really wasn't a clone!

"You might initially have other flaws in youas well," Yan Xuan speculated."That's why your father would have let yougo intohibernationat such a young age, but he probably didn't predict that because of the Planet Termination Plan you would be awakenedbefore the scheduled time." His brows creased, some evidence of anger appearingon his face.

"However, my baby,you don't need to worry, when we get home we will investigate and find out. We will examine your bloodline while we're at it, to see which generation of bloodlings my baby you belong."

"I know about my bloodline."

"Oh?" Yan Xuan raised his brows and asked, "Did your sire tell you before you went into hibernation? What generation are you, my baby?"

She hesitatingly extended five fingers."Five." So what if she was a fifth generation weakling.

"Fifty? Or five hundred?"

"...What?" Yao Si was confused by his questions, what werethose numbers?

"Can't remember?" Yan Xuan exhaled and caressed her head to assure herit was all fine."It's okay, youve done a good job, it's difficult to even rememberthe numberfive. There aren't many bloodlings around fiftieth generations, we might need some time to find them, but it would be easy to track down those of our kind who are from five-hundredth generation that havea descendant."

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