Chapter 8

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Througha doorway entered a man inablack suit. He had an Eastern complexion that rivaled those of movie stars, and his long black hair was almost tohis thighs,yet every single strand seemedto have beentenderly combed, smooth to its tips. It made people want toask him what brand of shampoo he used.

Although he had the oriental look, his attire resembled that of western nobility. In his hand, he held a silver cane. But despitehimlooking refined and courteous, the words that flowedout of his mouth were anything butpolite.

"Since when did a small space station had the right to exercise the powers of the galactic law court? You claim to be innocent so you are acquitted?" His eyes narrowedas he stareddirectly at Lu Ren,who stood on the side.

"YanYan Xuan, minminister." Lu Ren's eyes were wide open fromshock,as if he couldnttake this revelation. His entire person was frozen on the spot.

Yan Xuan took two steps forward,andhis smile widened."Oh, so you recognize me."


Obviously! There was no one in the entire galaxy who didnt know aboutthis devil, the minister of foreign affairs of the bloodling Red Planet, in charge of everything connected to other species. Other than the man whose existence was legendary, the most famous person of the bloodlings was this person.

What wasfrightening about him was not his noble status amongthe bloodlings, but that mouth which couldtalk the dead out of their graves. To put it into simple words, he specializedin picking a hole ineverything and wouldn't give up until he hadshed a layer of skin from his opponent. Itwassafe to say that you couldsee his figure in every brawlthebloodlings were involved in, and these brawls would usually escalate into racial wars.

If ordinary bloodlings had an issue, then this minister would have an issue. Other people's ministriesof foreign affairs were all set up to resolve disputes, but his,however, was to blow thosedisputes out of proportion.

"Minister YanWhyyouyou came in person?" Why would the bloodlings send this devil to pick up the person! Lu Ren's heart became a land of barrennes, and he could indistinctly hear the sound of "game over".

"I heardyou were demanding an explanation from the minister of foreign affairs." Yan Xuan smiled extremely gently and said, "See, so here I am to give Commander Lu our explanation."

"Ha, haha, hahaha..."Lu Ren's sadness had become a river flowing inside him, slowly drowning him. He had a strong urge to travel back in time and slap himselfacross the face multiple times. Why did he ask for trouble and jinx himself? "MisunderstandingIts a misunderstanding..."

Explanation? It lookedlike this time he wouldhave to hand over his life here.

"Things willbe so much easier now,since the commander knows me." Yan Xuan automatically ignoredthe last half of Lu Rens sentence. Setting down his cane,he added, "But before I provide an explanation to your station, I would like to ask the great Commander Lua question. Slandering my kind as intruders; examining our genes without permission; and imprisoning a member of our kind for several days, what kind of an explanation do you plan to offer me for these things?"

"MiMinister Yan."

"Oh wait, there's one more..." His eyes suddenly became stern, and hesaid, "Attempting to deceive a newborn of my kind into agreeing to an unequal treaty without the presence of their guardian."

Lu Ren felt his legs give away, and he almost knelt down onthe floor. He had actually heard it just then, itwasall over, all over...

His eyes dulled, and the words "endangered species" immediately emerged in bold in his mind. Mama, hewasgoing to be condemned as the sinner of hisspecies.

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