Chapter 6

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Earth is gone... Is gone... Gone!

No no no, this isn't real. The one that just disintegrated was a black planet. Wasn't Earth the Blue Planet? This one hadno single bit of blue on it!

Howeverthe space station that Yao Si was on was on the backside of the planet. It was the side without light,so it was very normalfor itto look black. Besides, if she had reallycome tothe future, after all these years, the resources on Earth would have been used up, so it changingto a different color didnt seemto be...

No, therewasno way Yao Si wasaccepting this horrifying truth. She still had a whole hard-drive of TV shows she hadn't finishedwatching; a wall full of anime she hasn't seen yet; a whole phone full of novels she hadn't taken a peek at yet. She had been in a rush when she left the house, so she hadnt even fed the cat yet.

Has anyoneconsidered the cat's feelings? Do your heartsnot ache?

The main thing was that even though she was this old,she hadnt left the boundaries of F city before. There was awhole wide world out there that she hadn't seen yet, so how could it be gone?

"Miss Yao, Miss Yao?" Her shoulder became heavy as she was suddenly pushed by someone.

"Huh..." Yao Si was shocked and finally retraced her thoughts. Her brain was still a mess, so it took her a while tolook up at the person next to her."Dr. Wang?"

"Commander Lu and the deputy commander arehere." Dr. Wang pointed to the door."They have some questions they want to ask you."

Commander and deputy commander, werent theythe first and second in charge of this place?

Yao Siturned around to take a look, and a face filled with agitationand accusations stared right at her. This person was in a black uniform, and there was a sense of "Im not someone you mess with" about him.

It made Yao Si's heart sink, ummmm... She didntowe this commander any money, right?

"Nice to meet you, commander Lu." She waved her hand and greeted him.

Upon a closer inspection,sherealized that there was another person behind him. Compared to the "you oweme money that you havent yet repaid" commander, the deputy commander behind him looked much kinder. With a face full of smiles,he responded with a nod.

Thecommanderswith the last name of Luline of sightflew right past Yao Si,andhe asked the person beside him, "Is the genetic examination done?"

"It's been done, the resultswill come out in a few minutes," Dr. Wang answered.

"Okay." He waved his hand over his forearm and pulled up an optical screen.Yao Si guessed that itwasprobably something like a portable computer.

He seemed to have opened up some file, for with a look of "business is business", he cast his eyes ather again and asked, "Your name is Yao Si?"


"Identify your gender, race, age, planet,and the person in charge of that planet."

Yao Si was dumbstruck, was thisacensus survey? Still, she replied obediently, "Female, Chinese, 28, lived on the planet... Earth, person in charge..." Who should she name

"Are you joking around?"

Before she had the chance to finish, commander Lu's brows twisted into a knot. If back then he had been owed five million, then theamount had just increased to ten million.

"Miss Yao, if you want to be acquitted of a charge, please at least find a better excuse." With a "beep", Commander Lu shut the optical screen in his handsdown and stared with a great disapproval at her."The third planet Earth hasbeen unsuitable for living since tens and thousands of years ago, the entire galaxy knows this. Using this excuse to avoid punishment, are you treating my No.333 space station as nothing?"

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