Chapter 4

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Yao Si's heart clenched, and asher body began to stiffen, she gathered enough courage to look up. On a lamp post not far from where she wasshe saw a person. He was covered bya black trench coat, so she couldn't get a clear look ofthe face, but a head of blonde hair caught her eyes, and one look was enough for her to know that itwasa foreigner.

"Ha, it seems your Western faction isn't asferociousas it pretends tobe?"a differentcold voice added.

Only then did Yao Si realize that there was another person on the adjacent lamp post. Hisface wasnt visible like the others, but he had a head of black hair, so he had to be someone from the Celestial Empire like her.

These two people were probably bloodlings too. She couldsense an invisible pressure from them, and it was completely different from the type thatshe felt fromLi Zheng. If she guessed right, they were probably the pre-third generation bloodlings that Li Zheng had mentioned. Were they part of the fighting?

They said the battlefield was at A city, so what happened? Whatwasthis, warm-up before battle?

She peeped at the light box that was on it's brink of death, its lightsflickering,anda sense of panic began to rise from the bottom of her heart. If she had takenone more step, then the thing that was shattered would have beenher head.

When the gods fight, the fishes in the moat are affected 1 . Seeing that the two peoplehad no time to mind her, Yao Si decided to flee the scene. However, as soon as she moved her feet, a gust of wind suddenly gathered from nowhere. The fallen leaves that once covered the ground wereblown around in the gale.

She was blinded by the wind, eating a mouthful of dust. She lifted her hands in a reflex to cover her eyes, and right then, she could hear a loud bang from above her head again. Light flashed in the corner of her eyes, like something was descending from above.

She subconsciously dashed aside, and with a deafening clamor thunder landed right where she had been standing, leaving a two meter deep pit with a scent of scorched ground.

Yao Si swallowed her saliva, that was... so close.

"Thunder? So the second generation from your east are only capable of this." The yellowhairopened his mouth again, but he hadalreadychanged to a new spot, clearly it was to avoid that thunder just then.

The black hair guy on the other side had thin strands of lightning coming out from his hands, which clearly signaled that the thunder had been brought about by him.

ThatThat's bloodling special abilities?

How far would her unluckiness go.

"I think you people should better surrender obediently, wouldn't it be great to have the two factions united?" Theblonde taunted once more, "There is no way you are winning this war."

The black hair didn't replybutinstead waved his hand. A wave of crackling lightning headed for the blonde again, blasting a four to five meter wide crater where his opponent was standing. Then he said inan emotionless voice, "Fight, don't blather!"

During the process of dodging, the blonde was left in a state of fluster and agitation. His silhouette flashed, and hewas now on the other side,fighting with the other person. Yao Si could only see two afterimages separating and convergingin mid-airand hearspluttering noises and the lightnings that leftholes and craters on the ground.

In that moment, Yao Si had an illusion that she was transported to a scene of a Sci-Fi movie, In hindsight,she remembered that she was about to leave. She turned and found a shared bike on the side of the road,then usedall her might to cyclelike crazy. All her potentialerupted as she cycled through three streets.

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