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It had been a week and a half, more or less, since we'd played that victorious match with Harley. A week and a half since I'd lounged around his social media and responded to something on his Twitter.

The tweet had boomed over the comment alone and there were people who still came by to ask whether it was the real Peps on that thread.

He never responded to it, or anyone else but a single verified account; someone named 'Muselk' who claimed to be the real Peps to end the debate. "Yes. Peps is Elliot with a voice changer, guys." The comments that lingered and trailed behind occasionally popped up and it had been a great source for some giggles.

But it had just been half a week from that initial day, that I had missed the fact that he'd joined my lobby, all because I'd been busy playing a match with somebody I'd met on the Oceania region ages ago.

[7:34 PM] Party: mrfreshasian joined the party.

[7:34 PM] mrfreshasian: Yeet

[7:36 PM] mrfreshasian: Forgot to ask last time, but would it be alright if I put you and Blues in my next Youtube video? Tomorrow.

[7:49 PM] mrfreshasian: You're taking too long. Join my party when you've got an answer. Get that Victory Royale.

[7:49 PM] mrfreshasian: :) And let's make some content again sometime.

[7:50 PM] Party: mrfreshasian left the party.

"No fuckin' way, that couldn't have been Fresh. How the hell did he get into our lobby?"

I didn't answer at that point, merely because I'd been squinting at the messages the streamer had left behind. Blues would die if she knew about this; she'd be so delighted. There was no way that it wouldn't be okay with her. "I may or may not have gotten a friend request from him at one point or another."

I sipped my coffee, loudly, into the mic and my friend swore. In a breathless voice, they repeated, "No fuckin' way, [Y/N]."

"Way, my dude."

We continued playing a few matches to complete missions for certain weeks—all except trickshot eliminations after using vehicles, because screw those missions—and said our goodbyes for the night.

8:52 PM had blinked onto my phone and Epic Games had Mrfreshasian as a suggested player to invite into my lobby. He still needed that answer, but the deterring factor was that he had three of four players in his game. Was it even possible to get the chance to play a couple of matches with him? I didn't want to be a bother, incase they were getting content.

If it was one thing I knew, it was that Mrfreshasian was a consistent content deliverer. The least I could do was give him a yes or no to have something for the next video.

Suck it up, [Y/N]; he's just a boy. A boy with millions of subscribers and is most likely streaming anything and everything that's going to happen. Be quick; in and out.

[8:57 PM] Party: nuclearpepsi joined the party.

[8:58 PM] nuclearpepsi: Yes.

[9:00 PM] nuclearpepsi: I mean, yes, you can put us in your video! Blues is going to love this. Thanks, so much, dude.

[9:00 PM] Party: nuclearpepsi left the party.

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