Chapter 1

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Yao Si felt that there wassomething wrong with her recently. She used to sleep like a brick, so even roaring thunder couldn't affect her slumber. But oddly enough, she couldn't seem to fall asleep for the last couple days, and what was even more strange was that she felt energetic and in good spirits despite the sleepless nights.

Her back was no longer sore, her legs weren't weak, and even menstruation which had been bothering her for years ceased to visit her. She could climb ten flights of stairs effortlessly in one breath.

Her diet was even more magical. She used to love chili pepper all her life, but now her stomach got cramps at the sight of their bright red color.

Initially, she thought it was just weakness in the stomach and spleen induced by her insomnia, but as time passed, she realized it wasn't that simple. It wasn't only pepper that she no longer could stomach. She had lost her appetite for food as if she had anorexia. Food tasted as dry as dust in her mouth, retaining of its original flavor.There was, however, an exception. It was something which she wouldn't have evenspared a look for before, let alone consume it - duck blood curd.

"Hey girl, you've been staring at my duck blood for half an hour already, are you going to buy it or not?"

"Huh?!" Sisi was stupefied. Her eyes were glued to the red substance on the stall, and she was unable to come to her senses. "Buy it or not?"

"What's there to hesitate about? If you want to eat it, then buy it." The owner pounced at every possible hint of business and began to promote his products with a burning passion. "Sister, I must say you have a good taste. My duck blood is the best in the entire market, just look at this color, you can't buy this elsewhere. It's delicious when you make it into a curd."


"Of course, all the blood is freshly collected from theducksbutchered today."

"That's quite fresh, hahaha" Plus, it smelled so delicious.

"Two dollars for half a kilo, cheap and affordable."

"Yes." It smelled so good, so good, so good.

"This opportunity comes and goes, my duck blood crud isinquite great demand. If you had come in the afternoon, there wouldn't have been any left." The owner lifted a piece of duck blood curd and weighed it in his hands while saying, "I promise you, once you taste it, you will come back for more."


"How about a kilogram, sister?"

"But" Sisi's lipcorners went down. "I am allergic to duck blood!"

"Huh?" The owner was dumbfound. The duck blood curd in his hand slipped off and landed into the water with a thud, splashing onto Yao Si's face.

"Girl, are you playing around with me? If you're allergic to duck blood then why are you standing over here for so long?" Unable to sell anything, the owner was choked with anger.

"I don't want to either!" Just the thought of it filled Yao Si with grievance. "I haven't eaten or slept for dozens of days, I can't hold anything down, and I only desire this."

"Are you fooling with me, girl?" The owner was clearly not pleased. "You don't look like you haven't slept for a dozen days." Obviouslynot. She looked like she was bursting with energy. Besides,how could she have the strength to stand here after not eating anything for that long. "How about you checkout something else?"

"I'm serious." Yao Si still couldn't control herself, andher eyes were stuck to the duck blood in the water. "I smelled its fragrance from three blocks away."

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