Chapter 2

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My awakening this morning wasn't the nicest really. Actually, it sucked, and why you ask? Well let's just say that waking up because you fell off the sofa, isn't the most comfortable thing. I slowly straightened up and went over to the window. Outside people were rushing about, waiting for the bust or just enjoying their morning coffee, or at least I hope it was their morning coffee. I turned around and looked at the round clock on the wall, hanging above the TV. 8:09 huh? I got up pretty early... I walked over to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Wow I swear this hairstyle is illegal. I brushed out all the knots in my hair, brushed my teeth and took a soothing shower.

After an hour of sorting myself out(yes I do take long) I ate some biscuits that I found in one of the cupboards. I unpacked my bags after I ate. I think I'm going to go out, less than 5 minutes after that thought, I was already locking my apartment door.

I decided to go shopping for food with the little money I have left. I am one of those girls that just loves chocolate, so I just had to buy 5 bars, apart from the rest of the junk. After my little shopping spree, I went back home and left the bags. Since I'm at work tomorrow, I decided to visit the hospital and see if I will need something. Aunt Karmen told me that the hospital was more than half an hour walk, so I decided to take a taxi. As I stepped out the taxi, my jaw nearly dropped. The building named Princess Margaret Hospital, was absolutely huge (and it looked fairly new). As the glass doors slid open, that so familiar smell hit me. To some people it smells horrible no matter how many times they come here. Not me. I got used to it a long time, I even started to like it a bit. But just because I said that doesn't mean I need mental help, so please, put the phone down. I'm not that crazy. I walked over to the reception desk and spoke:

"Excuse me, my name is Jessica Hale and I'm supposed to start work tomorrow, can I please speak to the person that is in charge of me?" I asked kindly, not forgetting to add a charming smile.

The striking red haired girl lifted her head up and shot me a surprisingly warm smile "Sure, one minute please." As she was dialing a number into the phone, I took my time to inspect her. She looked at least 2 years older than me, but her long red hair, covered that. The name tag on her uniform told me that I was looking at Lucy Keenan. Interesting name..

"Doctor Seen would like to talk to you in room 207. That's on the 2nd floor." she flashed one more of her warm smiles and continued with her work.

I murmured a "thank you" and walked over to the lift. I found room 207 after getting lost twice and asking at least 3 people to help me. I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. After I heard a "come in", I slowly opened the door and walked in. In front of me stood a man that was nearly twice as tall as me (Just to tell you, I'm not very tall myself, in fact I'm kinda short). He had a very friendly, and quite handsome for his years, face.

"Ah, you must be Jessica!" I nodded slowly "Good, good, please have a seat!" he gestured to a chair opposite him.

"First of all, my name is Dr. Seen and I am the owner of this hospital, as you probably already know. Anyway, Jessica, you start work tomorrow, what brings you here today?" he asked politely.

"Ummm, I came to ask if I needed something for tommorow, and I also came because I wanted to know how to get here but-"

"Ah! Well you just need to tie you hair up and wear sensible shoes really, I don't think you need anything else... let me go and get you something." Dr. Seen ran over to a door on the other side of the room and disappeared. He seems like a nice person... and kinda blown away by the wind...

After 5 minutes, Dr. Seen returned with a folder in his hand and a sheepish grin on his face. "Here, have this, all the information you need is in here." He handed me the white folder and sat down on his grand chair.

"Thank you" I replied "Then I will get going now. It was nice meeting you." Dr. Seen nodded and smiled at me. Just as I was reaching for the handle, the door flew open, and in the process nearly smacking me in the face. I looked up and in front of me were standing 2 gorgeous, and I really mean it, guys. The taller one had dark brown hair and very, very shiny hazel eyes, he was also grinning like mad. The boy next to him was average height with sand blond hair and warm brown eyes. They both had very well built bodies, and I could tell that because, I'm sorry for saying this, but their muscles were nearly popping out of their far too tight shirts. Really guys, we may be in a hospital with an easy access to an emergency room, but we shouldn't take chances. Just cover up before my eyes pop out!

My eyes didn't pop out, but my jaw nearly dropped. I didn't want to be defined as a weirdo so I quickly regained my composure and continued walking past them. I rushed out the hospital to find out that it was already dark outside. Shoot now I need to take a taxi home. When the taxi came, 10 minutes later, I got in and told the man my address. As he was leaving, I took a last glance at the main door, only to find 4 boys standing there, 2 of which I just encountered in Dr. Seen's office, and 2 that I could not see clearly. It's not like I'll meet them again so I didn't bother to look back.

When I arrived at my apartment, I made myself some spaghetti and sat down to read my information folder. I remember turning the last page and my eyes getting heavy, after that I guess sleep took over me...


Another crappy chapter, huh? I am probably boring you to death right now! But thank you for reading at least this far! I promise there will be more action in the next chapter!

The picture on the right is her bedroom, I don't know if you will like it but I think it's cosy!


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