Chapter 7

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"If you want to know darling, learn Italian." he whispered behind me.

"I can teach you if you want?"

"Uh..." I can't think when he's this close. " No no I'm ok."

"What ever you want darling."

"Can I have my money Mr. Alessandri?

"Sure mio amore."

He gave me the $120 and I went on my merry way, but not before he nipped my ear releasing a breath, then closing the door.

I couldn't get to my car fast enough. Once I got in I felt blush creep into my cheeks. Why do find him so irresistible. Snap out of it Nikki you'll probably never see him again.

Yeah that's it!

But why do I have a feeling I'm going to see him again...and again.


I couldn't stop thinking of that green eyed arrogant, handsome bastard. Lucas, Lucas!!! Get out of my fugin mind.

Think of... NACHOS! Yeah nachos! Creamy cheesy goodness with guacamole and nice cold coca cola. Water dripping down the cold goodness. I wonder how Lucas would look with water droplets running down his chiseled chest leading downwards....

Nikki! Even food thinking leads to Lucas.

What will not lead to Lucas!


Yup I have nothing. Rainbows lead to his charming smile. Candy leads to how sweet his lips will probably taste. Sour pouches, to how sour he looks when I talk to someone else of the male gender.

"Nikki! Ey! Anybody there!" Shawn yells.

"Er what did you say?"

"I said that you need to go with me to Greece."

"Um why?"

He rolled his eyes.

"Weren't you listening?" he said exasperated.

"No. What did you say?."

"Oh nothing much just that my favorite cousin is getting married this weekend. She told you more than a month ago."

"Does it ring a bell." He asked annoyed.

Oh fudge monkeys covered in peanut butter. How could I forget? You see what Lucas does to me. He makes me forget everything.

"NIKKI OLI WILLIAMS" Shawn shouts.


"Finally some sort of expression!"

How I hate when he brings up my whole name. Not my fault my mom was always craving olive pizza when she was pregnant with me.

"I still don't have a dress. What's the color scheme. Is there a scheme at all!? What should I get them? Embedded towels? A box of knives? Can't transport that through an airplane."

"Nikki calm down. I got you covered in the dress part. Yes there's a color scheme, its called dress however you want.

For presents, well that's more difficult. (no dur) How about a piece of jewelry for Melissa and another one for her soon to be husband Nikos."

How would I ever survive without Shawn's help. Or as he puts it 'guiding hand'.


Have I ever told you that I am afraid of flying. Yep the great Nikki is afraid of airplanes.

Oh great I forgot my my sleeping pills.!

Guess I'll have to suffer through the flight.

"Flight to Constantine, Greece departs from gate 13. Flight to Constantine, Greece departs from gate 13."

"Nikki just step on the damn plane!" Shawn groans as the flight attendants just sigh in lust. Ew...

"B-but what if it crashes and I die! I'm to young to die, damn it!"

"You won't. I promise."

And with one last shove I ended on top of a passenger... An old lady passenger.

"Sweetie I know I look comfortable but I assure you I'm not." she chuckled.

"Uh sorry it's just that my friend pushed me in here and I have a fear of planes." I blushed.

"Oh sweets it's alright just get off me... please my legs can't take the weight. Oh no! You're not heavy at all its just that-" she rambled.

"No no it's okay no offense taken." I state politely getting off.

"Where is our seat? Shawn?"

I looked around and couldn't find him. Until I heard a giggle to my far left. He was flirting with the flight attendant. Seriously dude you just pushed me into a sweet old lady, then you leave me for a red lipped black haired attendant. At least make it someone special, like the one he doesn't want to talk about.

"Honey Shawn. Come here. The sweet old lady wants to know how far along I am." I said innocently.

The sweet lady looked at me and smiled. I just put a finger on my lips and smiled back.

The attendant pushed Shawn away and stomped towards the kitchen compartment.

"Nikki why do you have to ruin my fun?"

"Payback is b*tch, my dear friend... Payback is a b*tch."


Today was a very eventful day. Our truck broke down. It seems I quote " cars come to an agreement to break down right after the other." Not my words, the mechanics.

My dads car was in the mechanic since last week and the mechanic called today and said it was ready. And today our truck decided to act out.

Oh well.

On to a brighter note. We reached 1k. So proud.

*takes a bow*

Hopefully next chapter is longer.





Stay lovely!!!

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