Chapter 2

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Mia's POV

 "Yeah, I'll come back for Christmas," I speak into the phone, shoving my keys into the door to my apartment. I turn the key, and I fumble, almost dropping my phone. This was a lot harder to do than I thought. 

"But that's like six million years away!" I hear Charles whine into the phone. I sigh to myself, shaking my head. "Why can't you come back now? It's the summer too, so you won't have to go to school!" I let out a soft laugh at his words. My 12-year-old brother was so lovable. 

The key snags, and I try again, finally easing open the door. 

"I know, bud, but I can't. I need to save up for a car. Don't worry, I'll be back before you know it." I hear a distant voice in the phone and Charles call back to it. 

"Okay, fine! Mia, Trevor wants to talk to you. Bye!" I say goodbye into the phone and slide the door to my apartment closed. The lights were all off and I flick the kitchen light on, dropping the keys onto the counter, deciding to pour myself a glass of juice. 

"Hey Mia," 

"Hey Trev." 

"Charles is really dying for you to come home," I let out a laugh. 

"Are you here to guilt-trip me into taking a vacation for the summer too?" I pick up a cup and put it on the counter, making my way to the refrigerator. "If you are, I already made up my mind." Trevor lets out an unsatisfied grunt, but let up. 

"Fine. So, how are you?" I grab the orange juice and unscrew the cap, pouring its contents into the cup. I click the speaker icon and place the phone onto the counter, turning up the volume so I could free both my hands. I lift the cup to my lips. 

"I guess I'm okay. Oh, yesterday I went to the mall with Lynda" I take another sip. "and Chloe, and I think that I saw-" I cut off, my eyes catching an unfamiliar figure sitting on my couch. I choke on the orange juice, and thankfully swallow, putting it down immediately. My eyes widened and my heartbeat tripled in my chest. Who the hell is that!? 

Is it a burglar?! I immediately cancel it out. If he was a burglar, wouldn't he be scrambling to pick things up instead of sitting there and watching me? Oh my god, what if he's going to murder me and then rob the apartment?!

"Mia?" I swallow, this time, hearing Charles's innocent voice. If he was going to kill me, I didn't want Charles to hear. It would traumatize the kid forever. The figure moves and stands, still shrouded in the darkness. They draw their hand in a cutting motion in front of their neck and I nod, subconsciously putting my hands up. 

He wants me to end the call. 

I swallow the lump growing in my throat. "Ch-Charles, I have to go." My voice shook, my eyes glued to the man in the living room. I drop my voice to keep it from quivering. "Bye, I love you so much." I press the "end call" button, watching the screen go into the contact icon. Was that the last time that I was ever going to talk to my baby brother? I stare at the picture at the icon, an old one, but still good. One featuring me, Trevor, and Charles together, eating ice cream on a boardwalk. I wring my hands together, dread filling me. Was I going to die today!? Tears sprung into my eyes, and my knees shook. 

The person walks toward me and I move back accordingly, entering the darkness. They move closer until they're way too close for comfort. I can barely see through the dark and I curse myself for not turning on all of the lights when I came in. Tears ran down my cheeks. Whoever this was, was extremely muscular. He was a good foot or two taller than me, and looked like he could lift cars without even blinking an eye. He looked like football players in my school, except on major steroids. I catch the whiff of pine and evergreen, possibly the two most masculine scents on this earth.

He's going to kill me. 

I don't understand why. What have I done? I back away more from him, absolutely terrified. I don't want to die! I'm trembling, and my back hits the wall. "Pl-Please don't hu-hurt me." I sobbed, feeling hot tears streak down my cheeks. What do I do?

The stranger leans in close, my face mere inches away from his chest. I'm bawling and sniffing, knowing that some random person will find my body. After, who knows when! It might be the apartment owner, a neighbor, a cop... But by then my body would've been old and dry and-

Suddenly, I hear a click and then the lights flooded on. I'm frozen in place, the brightness stunning me. I slide down the wall and fall onto my butt, tears still running down my face. And I look up. 

Dressed in a white cotton tee that perfectly outlined his muscles and black jeans, with his hand outstretched to hit a light switch, was the man that I've only seen once in a picture. And I swear he's far more hot in person. He arches a perfect eyebrow at me, looking down at my balled-up position at his feet. I'm pushed up against the wall, my knees to my chest, and my sleeve wiping at the tears from my red eyes. "Please don't kill-" I hiccup, "me." 

He stares at me curiously for a few seconds, as I sniffled. "Do you know who I am?" His voice is low and husky, I feel my heartbeat pick up. What was he going to do to me? I suck in a breath, just waiting for him to pull out a gun or a knife at me. Or can Greek Gods kill with their mere minds?

I force back the other wave of tears threatening to surface, and I try put on a brave front. "You're Are-Ares. The God of War." He smiles at me unexpectedly, and I'm shaken by the silver in his eyes. I swallow, wiping at the rest of the tears. "What do you... What do you want with me?" 

Ares leans back, running a hand through his gorgeous dirty blond hair. "Me? Nothing. I would rather stay a good distance away from you, princess, or until this all blows over as a prank." I blink at him, watching him kneel down to the floor. I watch him warily, trying to make myself shrink as much as possible. Something about him seemed intimidating. I mean, what was I saying? He was the God of War, Mia. GOD. OF WAR. 

"O-Oh." I voice, almost about to collapse from relief. But what was he doing in my apartment? 

"But," His forefinger and thumb go to my chin, tilting my face toward his. He locks eyes with me and I stiffen. They were so beautiful. They were a clear, bright silver that seemed to be the color of shining steel. "My father and the rest of the Gods," The anger and malice in his voice are obvious. The sudden irritation scares me, and I tremble. My eyes drop submissively onto the ground, not wanting to meet the intensity of his. His grip on my chin tightens. I wince and my hand goes to his wrist, willing him to release me. "Would like to get to know you a bit, love." 

"St-Stop you're hurting me." I meekly say, my breath fluttering in my throat. I turn my eyes upward, toward his, and I inhale quickly. 

His eyes are as red as blood.

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