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I watched from the doorstep as Louis said a quick hi and goodbye to Olsen, who got into her car and disappeared out of the neighborhood in a matter of seconds, or so it seemed.

Louis shoved his hands down into the pockets of his jeans and raised his eyebrows at me, "Where's she off to?"

"She's on vacation." I replied with a frustrated sigh.

Louis then ascended the steps to my front porch where I currently stood, despite the icy breeze outside that made me shiver. "You don't seem too thrilled about that. Aren't you taking your vacation too?" I nodded my head and he furrowed his eyebrows at me, "Something wrong, Harry? You're acting a bit more strange than usual, mate."

I frowned, "Everything is great."

Everything was not great though, in fact, everything felt kind of terrible right now. The only good thing in my life right now was still having Eloise by my side still, but lately everything at home just feels sort of...out of place. I can't place it really, but things between Olsen and I just aren't the same anymore, and I was fully aware that I was to blame for that. Now she was gone on some trip and even though she was coming back in a week, it sure didn't feel like it, and with how tense and awkward things have been between us lately, I feared that she actually wasn't going to come back.

I was pissed off at her for deciding not to say anything about leaving for an entire week until this morning when I saw her packing ber bags, but apparently she didn't see the big deal. Sure, she's on a paid vacation that I told her to go on after we decided to nip whatever it was happening between us in the bud, but did that give her the right to think that she could just suddenly disappear without telling me?

I did feel pretty upset, but maybe this little break would be a good thing for all of us right now.

Louis and I decided to go inside to continue this conversation as well as check on Eloise, and once she saw the two of us walking in, a smile was brought back to her face. When Olsen said her goodbyes to Eloise it was very clear that she was saddened by it, and instead of crying like we thought she would, she just went silent.

"Lou lou!" She exclaimed while pushing herself up off of the floor, and ran over to hug him.

"Look at you, so big and grown up!" He commented, which made her smile even more as she stared him directly in the face. He smiled at her but spoke to me, "She looks more and more like you every time I see her, Haz."

This time, I was the one to smile, but it was short lived. "Yeah, she does." It was funny to me that when people commented on how Eloise was the spitting image od me that I could never really see it, because every single time I looked at her I was reminded of Ally.

I cleared my throat and decided to change the subject by asking, "Can I get you something to drink Lou?"

"Sure, a whiskey would be great." I just nodded my head before excusing myself to the other room to grab the whiskey bottle from the bar cart, and as I stood in front of it to pour Lou a glass, I pulled out my phone on a whim and checked for any messages. I don't know what I was expecting to see when I did this, but I felt a sting of disappointment deep down inside when I saw nothing there. Well, it was nothing out of the ordinary, but there were a few messages from clients asking to switch around appointments to accommodate their schedules when I returned from vacation. I rolled my eyes and replied back with 'sure', and 'let my receptionist know', messages.

Then I opened up a chat with Olsen, and read through the last few messages we had sent each other not long ago. It was boring really, but I could tell that she was upset just by the way she had messaged with short replies. That kind of stung me in the gut too, and now I was stuck in a mental debate with myself about whether or not to send her a message.

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