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i got tagged a lot to do tags and i was thinking about if i wanted to do them or not and i finally decided that i will! since it took so long i don't remember the usernames of the people who tagged me and tbh i get a couple hundred notifications daily so i am not about to go searching for them lol also i know there are going to be a lot of readers who dgaf about me or my tastes in kpop so to those of you who don't care: ✌🏼but to those of you who do, sit back and relax cause there's 80 questions lol

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1. what is your name?
angelica (pls refrain from hamilton quotes thx)

2. how old are you?
seventeen (say the name)

3. when did you discover kpop?
im like 75% sure it was 2015 lol

4. who is your favorite male group?
it's a tie between nct and stray kids

5. who is your favorite female group?

6. who is your bias in those groups?
nct's haechan, skz's han, gfriend's yuju

7. ultimate bias?
haechan sksksk

8. favorite leader?
lee taeyong ♡ bless that boy honestly

9. favorite song?
i've been listening to don't need your love by nct dream and hrvy a lot as well as bts' save me

10. favorite japanese ver. of a song?
nct127's chain because the japanese version will always remain superior!!

11. favorite chinese ver. of a song?
exo-m' s heart attack will forever be my favorite chinese ver. and tbh i don't even know why

12. favorite english ver. of a song?
nct's regular in english slaps

13. best group on a variety show?
got7 is on another level when it comes to variety shows lmao

14. best looking male idol?
i *personally think lucas is really attractive! bang chan is also really hot as well! of course i think every male idol is good looking tho lol

15. best looking female idol?
im a slut for gfriend's yuju and g-idle's yuqi

16. cutest couple?

17. who would you date?
honestly probably yuta because he's said some things against gender stereotyping that really warmed my cold heart

18. favorite album?

20. favorites solo artists?

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