Daddy's Gone

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Ask around about her

She don't get emotional

Kill off all her feelings

That's why she ain't approachable

She knows her pussy got a fan base

A couple of niggas with a suitcase

Suit and tie niggas who play roleplay

When it comes to the money she plays no games

Six Feet Under - The Weeknd

Chapter Sixteen - Daddy's Gone

3 Years Later . . .

She licks it up just like a candy

She wanna make 'em leave their family

She trying to live a life so fancy

She wanna pull up in a Bentley

She ain't got time for lovin'

Louis Vuitton her husband

I slowly moved my hands up my body as I locked eyes with him. I bit down on my bottom lip because I knew he loved that. I swayed my hips as I turned around to give them a nice view of my ass. I wanted to smirk when I heard cheers. I reached behind my back and unclasped my bra. The whole room started cheering when I turned around. I've never seen so many men go crazy over a pair of tits before. I strolled to the pole and silently prayed that I didn't fall from the damn thing. Could you imagine?

I walked around the pole a few times before I jumped up and made my way to the top. A bunch of whistles from the dirty ass men could be heard around the room as I twisted and made my way down the pole. Everyone went crazy when I dropped to the floor and landed in a split. Half of these bitches here couldn't even do a split. This is why they loved me, I was different. Men loved me and women loved to hate on me. I stayed to myself when I came to work. I paid my house fee, got ready in the back of the dressing room, and took my ass out there to make money. I wasn't fucking or sucking any of these men. It's hard to believe, but I wasn't into sex much anymore. Sex did nothing for me. It was all about the money now. I had goals and I was going to make them happen.

I winked at everyone as I finished my set. I bent down and started grabbing all the money from the stage. I saw a lot of dollar bills, a few twenties, and even a few hundreds. I knew I could probably go home after my stage dance but I was hungry for the money. I could make so much more in another hour. I tipped the bouncer a twenty after I gathered all of my money. Jay was very nice and always made sure I got all of my money safely. There have been a few times where a girl tried to steal my money on the stage. I grabbed my money bag then walked off the stage. For the next thirty minutes, I gave a few men private dances. That was another easy three hundred dollars.

"I see you're working hard." I stopped when I heard his voice. I turned my head and smiled when I saw him.

"And I see you're still looking good. How are you, baby?" I walked up to his section when he stood up and pulled out a chair for me. I thanked him as I sat down. He grabbed the expensive bottle of champagne and grabbed a glass. I thanked him again after he poured me a glass and took a sip.

"You're always my favorite," he watched me as he grabbed a cigar. I grabbed the lighter before he could and lit it.

"Why is that?" He inhaled then blew out the smoke.

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