Senku Worries About You

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Living off the land was hard, especially for two teens that had lived their whole lives in the city. Even with two people, there was still a lot of work that had to be done. Every day Senku would cut the wood, get water, and cook whatever you brought in, while you would go off to check traps, and gather wild berries and mushrooms. Because of all this work, you and Senku hardly saw each other during the day. Even when you both finished your jobs for the day any extra daylight was used to work on your own projects. Senku used his spare time to work on the revival fluid, and you would go out exploring searching for anything that could be useful for you or Senku.

You were tired of sleeping on the ground so today you were out looking for moss and long branches to make a bed.

Over the years nature took over all the roads and houses and now you couldn't tell where they had been before, but the terrain stayed relatively the same, because of this you would occasionally get deja vu from certain parts of forest, though without any landmarks you could never figure out where you really where and if it was a place you had been before.

As you wander the endless forest you look at the faces of the people still trapped in rock, occasionally stopping to adjust people so they won't fall and break.

You come to a particular spot deja vu hitting you hard. You see a stone hand coming out of the ground and feel compelled to dig whoever it is out, feeling claustrophobic just thinking about waking up while underground. Grabbing one of your tools Senku had made for you, you gently pull the soil around the figure up and place it a few feet away making a pile. As you begin to see more of the figure your heart starts beating quickly as you dig up more dirt, tears streaming down your face now as you completely uncover his head to reveal yours and Senkus best friend Taiju. With this to take off running back to camp to get Senku.


"I'm right here what are you yelling for?" he looks worried.

You run up the boy pausing to catch your breath, "I found him!"

"Who? Elaborate."

"Sorry, give me a sec," you say still out of breath your face bright red from running as fast as you could. "I found Taiju!"

Senkus face lights up at the thought of getting to see Taiju again, knowing that having another person around would make it easier for him and y/n, he felt bad because he knew she was trying especially hard for the both of them and it was wearing her out, and he would never admit it but he missed that big oaf quite a bit.

"Let's go get him!" you say "we can place him in the cave and bring him back!"

"Yeah let's go!" You both start running in the direction you found Taiju.

It required both of you to dig the rest of Taiju up and carry him all the way back to the cave. By the time you guys got back to camp, it was getting dark out.

You sat around the dying fire while Senku threw more wood on it to bring the flames back. When he was satisfied he walked over and sat next to you. Nighttime was in your opinion the best part of each day you would get to see Senku and you would both just sit and talk, you two had grown even closer over the past few weeks.

"How long do you think it will take for the stone to erode on Taiju?" You ask.

"If I had to guess probably 5 to 6 months but I don't really know," he replies.

"Oh..." you say kinda disappointed "that's a pretty long time will we even last that long?" you say tears threatening to come out.

"Hey... come on don't cry y/n we are going to make it 6 months no problem. I refuse to die until every last person on earth has been revived, and I'm not letting you die either."

You feel Senku put his arm around you causing you to tense up but slowly you relax and rest your head on his chest. You can hear his heart beating fast and you look up to see his blushing face. He looks down at you with a sad smile.

"You know I'm a bit worried about you y/n, you've been working so hard running around all day. Every night you force yourself to stay awake but I can tell you have no energy left. You haven't said anything but I know it's been has been hard on your body."

Senku looks down at you seeing the tiredness in your eyes and the bruises all over your body, he feels bad that you have been pushing yourself so hard and wants you to take a break.

Senku lifts your head up with his hand and stares at your e/c eyes then says
"you need to take a break. Ok? Tomorrow we are going to relax for the whole day."

"I can't I have to get food otherwise we'll starve Senku."

"We have enough food to last at least a week y/n it would be completely illogical to get more food because we don't have any way of preserving it," Senku says not budging on the mater.

You sigh and reluctantly agree with him because you know that once Senku puts his mind to things he does not give up.

The two of you sit by the fire for a little while longer. Senkus arm still wrapped around you, he is so warm and calming you are fighting to stay awake wanting to stay in this position forever, but eventually, Senku sees just how tired you are and says it's time for the two of you to go to sleep.

fuff in the next chapter? Uhhhhh yeah I sure hope there is.

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