Untitled Part 1

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Jorge pov. 

Already annoyed I stared at my black screen. The battery died. Jeez, how did I deserve that. I send an angry glare to my mum, who sits two seat away from me next to my brother Javi. 

She just smiled: "lighten up amor. Only a few stops left." Apparently we were on a train to our new home in Toronto. Canada. All because my mum found a new fiancé. It wasn't her first engagement. I lost count after the seventh one, but it was the first one with a weeding planed. 

When she first told us about it I thought it was a phase that will pass, but it didn't. Now she expect us to just move across the world, so she can marry this guy she meet online. 

Like what kind of relationship is this. They never met but "are in love." I know my mom is spontaneous but now she's crazy. Because we are moving in with this guy. Sneaky and smart, like she is, she only told us about it a week ago and already signed us out of school. So it was final and we can't change anything. 

My sister Paula is pretty excited about it, she wants to meet the reindeers and play in the snow. Javi is indifferent and don't care. 

Some advantages has the trip, like the view is very pretty, it's colder than Spain but bearable. Plus like just a few people liked me in my school. Here I can have a fresh start. 

At the train station we where greeted by a handsome middle aged man. He instantly hug my mum and kissed her. They kissed for nearly 10 minutes, the only thing I could do was put a hand over Paulas eyes. Javi just looked at his phone. Something I would do, if I had battery. 

Afterwords he shook mine and Javis hand: "nice to meet you. I'm Andre." I just gave a half friendly nod and my mum said: "these are my boys Javier and Jorge." Instead of shaking his hand Paula instantly goes for hug. Traitor. "and I'm Paula. Hola." Andre obvious pleased by her positive reaction said: "What a sweet girl you are. I bet my daughter Alba will love you."

This took us alls tree by surprise. A Stepsister? I looked at my mum, to see she wasn't shocked at all. She had known! Don't ever trust her she is really sneaky :"Mum, you know about a stepsister and never told us!" 

sheepishly she looked to the side. Andre spoke again: "She didn't told you? I have four kids. A daughter and three older sons." For the first time since start of the trip Javi spook: "Four kids? I will definitely not share a room with someone!" Andre just fiddled his car key in his hand, with the hand he was holding my mothers: "you will all have your own rooms. It's just one of you", he pointed at Javi and me, "has to share a room with my oldest son since the renovation of one room isn't quite finished."

"Javi", I said at the same time as Javi said "Jorge". My mother let out a sigh of frustration: "Boys, boys be civil, please. Just do scissers , paper and rocks." We counted to 3. Javi choses rock and I scissor . The smug look didn't get of his face till we reached the new home. 

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