Chapter 6: Clemintyme Brooks

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  • Dedicated to My Best Friend and Sister, Mariah!

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Ok. So if you are in my "position" than you probably know how it felt when I first saw my dad. You see I rang the doorbell like 2 times and he finally answered. Ok. That sounds rude. But it felt like forever. And maybe thats just because I was really nervoue and usually I dont get nervous but I guess this was different. But when he did I was really happy to see my dad after all this time. He had brown hair and looked middle aged. But if I was his age I would say, " Man! Do you look good!" But Im a teen and his daughter so thats unexceptable. Lets just push that thought away. Shall we? He wasn't smiling or frowning but he had a confused look on his face.

"Hi. Um. Do I have the wrong address? I'm looking for the Mark's residence." I started to walk away and pull out my phone and call Riley for a ride. But he quickly responded.

"Oh! Of course. Cleo! Your so so so.... beautiful! And so mature looking". I nodded and gave him a quick thanks. He ushered me in but the whole time he had a daze look on his face.

"Um. So how are you Cle? Or do you not like to be called that anymore?" He really didn't remember me at all.

But I excepted it since he didn't know who I was. It was easier to answer back than I thought."Oh I am fine dad. Um, It's alright. Everyone calls me that and I guess they just assume that I like it. " I couldn't think what to say. I was confused at why he couldn't remember anything about me. I was still basically the same just older.  I didn't realize that I was in the house. I couldn't remember walking in but I was following him up the stairs, down the hall and to the right. I got to my room and immediately got out my cell-phone wanting to call Riley. I wanted to make sure he was alright.

It rang once and then he answered, "Hello beautiful. That was quick, are you alright? What happened? Tell me." He had such a gorgeous voice that I couldn't detect any uncertainty or anger or nervous-ness. But I snapped out of my daze and answered quickly before he called the S.W.A.T. Team and had them break down my dad's house. "It's alright and I am alright. Don't worry I just wanted to call and make sure Rose-Zilla didn't bite off your head. I am guessing she didn't?" I was happy to hear his voice. It was like magic.

He chuckled."No she didn't. Oh and you should know your on speaker." I laughed at myself and answered. "Let me guess she's in the room and heard what I said? C'mon tell me?" I pleaded now feeling embarrassed. "Yes I am in the room. Care to tell us who Rose-Zilla is?" the ice-cold voice asked. "Thanks sooooo much Riley. Actually I am on a tight schedule so you'll have to Rose darling." I was now walking around my room and listening to hear her answer. "UGH! I can't believe you two are calling me that." she's now exploding with anger. It was actually knind of funny.

" Well if you want we can call you bride-zilla or witch-zilla. Which do you prefer? 'Cause I don't want to call you something you don't like." she was going to kill me the next time she saw me." Rose is perfectly fine thank-you very much." she said probably glaring at Riley. "Ok-dokey Rosie and your welcome." I said in my cutest voice ever. I heard her get up and leave the room. Two out of Two. I think I am winning.

"Hey don't worry about her, she's just in a bad mood today." Emmett said trying to comfort me. " Thanks but I am guessing she's in a bad mood every day. So whatcha' you all doing?" I was so bored. I was now putting away all my stuff. I didn't like it but it would pass the time. I heard them both laughing really hard now. I giggled. I know she'll hate me forever but she'll just have to live with it. "Were now laughing at you. But we were planning to go to the beach tomorrow. All us siblings. Would you like to come?" Jasper now asked entering the room as he spoke. "Yeah I would live to go." "hey by any chance do you know how to surf?" Emmett asked. I laughed " Yeah I think I remember how." "Ok Riley you have my approval. She's a sexy girl, she's also very hot and she's talented but very knoweledgeible. You can date her." Emmett finished probably feeling satisfied. "Thanks Emmett. I didn't know I needed your approval though." Me and Jasper laughed.

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