Chapter Six: Brothers

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After heading back home with a new phone, I lock the door from behind and sit on my couch to watch some news

(Y/N): Hmm...I wonder what could be on the news now...I just hope it isn't about android because I'm pretty much getting tired right now of this

Rosanna: Hello again to KNC News I'm your reporter, Rosanna Cartland and today in Detroit, there has been several calls of people Androids seem to go missing or having some strange issues by not following orders

(Y/N): and of course it's about androids why wouldn't It be

I change the channel as I was too tired to hear anything about androids I went to the cooking show and decided to watch some android showing the things you will need to make the best meal

(Y/N): huh...very impressive but that just androids as always...I wonder if android could have feelings sometimes, at least I could proof that androids does deserve human rights

As I was watching the cooking show, I heard knock coming from the door I got up and walk to the front door to only open and see it was Anthony

Anthony: Hey Brother!

(Y/N): what do you want now Anthony if you're asking me to buy Android then I will just close my door If you won't mind

Anthony: n-no of course not (Y/N), I just want to hang out with you that all

(Y/N): you want to hang out with me?

Anthony: well of course, is it wrong to hang out with your brother

(Y/N): I find it weird because don't you have your own friends to hang out with or something

Anthony: of course I have my own friends I just thought maybe we can have a brother time together

(Y/N): alright so what should we do since we never really hang out together that much

Anthony: Hmm...have you got a android somewhere

I glare at my brother as he realize he screw up with this brother together

Anthony: s-s-sorry I forgot you don't have an android.....why don't we just hang out with June then or is she asleep?

I glare at my brother again but this time I had thought of breaking his tree for reminding me of the one thing I didn't want to think of

Anthony: oh shoot...I forgot she-

(Y/N): don't bring it up Anthony, let just go and watch TV

Anthony: watch that all you do?

(Y/N): well yeah what else do you expect me to do?

Anthony: oh wow brother, what the hell have you need some fresh air right now

(Y/N): fresh air...I got some fresh air in the bathroom if you need some

Anthony: you know what I'm talking about (Y/N) come on let's go

(Y/N): no...I don't wanna....

Anthony: wow bro this is probably the first time I'm trying to hang around with you and you're pretty much blowing it right now with my face

(Y/N): I just don't wanna go Anthony alright it just now my thing anymore

Anthony: dude do you think your wife and daughter would want you to look depress for the whole rest of your life...No they would want to continue living for them, they would want to be happy for them, so stop being an asshole for once in a life and come with me to enjoy the while meaning of life!

I look Anthony then look at the television, I hesitate as I didn't want to leave the house but he was right about my wife didn't want me to feel miserable

(Y/N): alright fine...I will come with you....

Anthony: excellent bro trust me you won't regret it!

(Y/N): I'm already I'm when I'm thinking about it

Anthony and I leave the house and were heading to his car

(Y/N): so what exactly are we going Anthony?

Anthony: sorry bro but to make it special it's pretty much secret

(Y/N): ugh you and your stupid secrets....alright fine but I swear to god if you sent me to Cyberlife store or something like that I would not be happy right now

Anthony: like I said bro you won't regret it

(Y/N): yeah...whatever...

As I was heading to the car, I look at Todd House mainly to the window up and saw the AX400 android looking at me as it was cleaning the window

Anthony: (Y/N) are you coming in?

(Y/N) smiles at the AX400 android and wave, the android smile back and wave as well as it was continuing cleaning the window

Anthony: (Y/N) come on!

(Y/N): a-alright...I'm coming....

(Y/N) enters the car and the vehicle drives away, Kara stop cleaning and turn around to see Todd coming into the room

Todd: what the hell are you looking at?

Kara: nothing Todd I was just finishing cleaning your window

Todd: well get the fuck out I didn't ask you to do it anyway

Todd pushes Kara out of his room and shut the door, Kara went to Alice room to check on her

Kara: Alice?

Alice were already asleep, Kara smiles and kiss on her head

Kara: sweet dreams Alice

Meanwhile with the (L/N) Brothers, (Y/N) were thinking about the AX400 android until Anthony snap him out of it

Anthony: (Y/N) stop day dreaming and look over here!

(Y/N): w-what Anthony

Anthony: know since you lost your wife, I know what could help you

(Y/N): really what?

Anthony stops the car and pulls down the window, which then reveal where we are

Anthony: Welcome brother to the Eden Club, where the sexiest androids in town lives

(Y/N) face were just blank and his mouth were wide open, he just couldn't believe his brother were take him here after losing his daughter

Anthony: so bro, what do you think?

(Y/N) looks at Anthony and went out struggling him



Continues in the Next Chapter...

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