Part 11

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"Waahhh~~ such a nice place!!" I happily shouted out with my hands above me.

The place was so big and spacious. It was neat and everything shined like it was cleaned.

I check the time and it was 9:21 PM. I grab my stuff and roam around in the big, large house.

It took me 15 minutes to find a bedroom!!! I sigh in exhaustion and placed my stuff in the corner.

I first take a shower, dry my beautiful hair and then, climbed in bed and slept.

——————The next day——————

I woke up with my phone alarm, ringing right next to me in full volume.

Surprised at the sound, I jumped up from my bed and looked around, only to find me in a spacious bedroom and a ringing phone next to me.

Rubbing my face, I grab my phone and looked at the time.

" that's...6....42..? 6:42?" I look at the time again.

6:42!!!! Oh wait, Scratch that! 6:43!!!! Crap! I'm going to be late!!!

In a speed of light, I quickly did my hair, clothes. I grabbed my bag and rushed out of the room, to the living room, and to the door and—


I look at the time and it was 6:50! There is no buses, no cars, no bikes, nothing. My only choice was to...

(AN: Dasi run run run!! AHEM. Pardon me)


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I screamed like a crazy maniac as people who were in my way, jumped out of surprise and moved out of my way.

"Who is that maniac!!?"

"Woah, so fast!!"

"Am I the only one who finds her funny!!"

Those were the comments I heard as I ran for my life.

Then, I see a gate and glaring my eyes at it like a predator, I ran towards the open gates that were crowded with people.


I screamed in my head. I then noticed that I can't stop my legs from running so I screamed as loud as I can.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" I screamed, making other girls scream in surprise and other boys startled!!


"What the fuc—"

Luckily, I found a pathway in front of me and ran in it. A smile sprouted on my face in happiness.

Screaming sure does the trick.

I took a last step into the opened gate and yelled in happiness.

"Ya-ha—haaaa!!!!!" My arms up in the air, flying. My legs started to grow tired but it still kept jogging.

I found Lily and jogged over to her.

"Lily!!! I'm here!!" I yelled out, causing a few people to look at us for a second.

"Oh! Eve, there you a—what...are you doing??" Lily asked me confused as I ran around her.

"So—rry! I—can't—stop—run—ning—and—I—want—to—eat—because—i—didn't—get—to—eat—breakfast—because—I—was—late—for—school!!!" I reasoned as I ran around her

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"So—rry! I—can't—stop—run—ning—and—I—want—to—eat—because—i—didn't—get—to—eat—breakfast—because—I—was—late—for—school!!!" I reasoned as I ran around her.

Lily sweatdropped.

"Eh? But you're not late? You're early! It's 6:20 right now. Did you set your clock wrong?" She asked me, trying to stop me but failed.

"Mmmmhhmmm!!!" I nodded my head.

Suddenly, I felt a big hand on my head. My feet were still moving but my body wasn't. Then, after a second, I realized I stopped.

"Huh? I stopped?" I look up and the big hand on my head, to the long arm, to a familiar handsome face.


"Ehhhh!!!! It's Zen-sama!!! Good morning, Zen-sama!!" I greeted him with a sweat smile, taking his hands off of my head.

He smirked at me. My smile almost fell from my face. I knew what that look looked like but I pretended not to know.

He cleared his throat.

"Don't run around. You're making a few people sick, including me." He said. I frown a bit.

Before I can speak, Lily beats me to it.

"Of course, Zen-sama. We will be careful." She said.

"'No problem' Is what Lily said!!!" I added in with a bright smile,
concealing the boring and mad look on my face.

He nods and walks away from us.

"How do I make them sick?" I asked myself.

It's not my fault I couldn't stop my legs...

The bell ranged and we went inside and went in class.

"Today Class! We need to choose a President, Vice President, and Assisant!! Those who want to participate can join in and they need to write a letter on why they want to be blah blah and then the people who did not participate, can vote on who is more suitable or who written the best reason!!" The teacher proclaimed loudly.



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