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When you think of Heaven, what do you think of?

I think a lot of people would envision pearly gates, angels sitting around on clouds, that sort of thing.

Now ask Audie and Cave what it’s really like.

Guess what? It ain’t perfect.

And why? Evil has found a foothold in the Land of Perfection. And it’s taking over the south part of the land. Creatures you wouldn’t expect in eternal bliss are becoming a regular sight, and the Elder Angels are starting to act strange.

Audie is sought on Earth to be brought to Eternity, and Cave, her love-struck admirer, finds a way to go along for the ride–literally. Neither of them have an inkling of what’s going on, and are both surprised to find out that Audie is a Phoenix. She has powers beyond her wildest dreams, not that she had ever dreamt of such a thing in her life.

It’s up to her and her hastily-formed Angel Army, each with powers and abilities of their own, to put their heavenly home to rights once again. With a rallying cry of “Have faith in me”, they fight against the foes that try to block their journey to rescue the Elder Angels.

But will they be able to make it in time? There are so many seemingly impossible obstacles–but this is where faith has its finest hour.

I love books like this. An army intent on accomplishing the good, while fighting both the evil from without and the uncertainty from within. The author gives her Angel Army some very exciting and suspenseful tasks, and it is so satisfying to see how they get through them. From beginning to end, they lean on each other, bolstering each other’s courage and faith–both in themselves and in each other.

It’s not only a great adventure story, it’s a good lesson on the value of friendship.

To be Continued...
Review of "Audie the Angel and the Angel Army", by Erika Kathryn
Last updated: Oct 17, 2014
Review of "Audie the Angel and the Angel Army", by Erika KathrynWhere stories live. Discover now