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It's basically a new idea I got from when I was in the car with my dad listening to a song that was weird. This is from when Dr Hortinger gave Peter the gun and the guy told Peter to kill Flash, Abraham, Principal Morita, Mr Harrington and MJ. You don't have to read it if you don't want to. Also it has some violence in it like people getting killed and it's a bit graphic in my view.

"Ok. I'll do it."
Flash, Abraham, Principal Morita and Mr Harrington looked scared as Peter got the gun ready and MJ just looked like her normal self. But they weren't expecting him to do what he did next.

Peter put the gun up to Flash's head height and then swiftly turned around to kill one of the men with a bullet in his head. Peter then turned around and killed all of the HYDRA men apart from the big macho guy and Dr Hortinger as he ran out of bullets.

The big macho guy got Peter's gun and smashed it. Then Dr Hortinger got Peter and strapped him into the chair. He then got a saw and started sawing through Peters skin but stopping when he got to the bone. He picked up a sharp knife, lifted it up into the air and flung it down, cutting the bone and the rest of the skin. All the while Peter was screaming in pain.
"Bring in the arm!"
The big macho guy who Peter has now named Charles brought the arm in which looked a lot like Bucky's but more modern.
Dr Hortinger then attached the arm to Peters shoulder and powered the arm up.

**Back at the tower**

"Boss, Peter Parker's blood levels have gone up and he seems to be in serious pain."
"Is there anything else wrong FRIDAY?"
"Yes Boss. He seems to be missing his left arm. Also HYDRA infiltrated his school and shots have been fired"
"FRIDAY alert the team. Code SPIDERLING!"

The team all assembled in the living area with a certain god of mischief with them.
"What's wrong Tony? Is there something wrong with Peter?"
Natasha asked, her worry for the young spider creeping through her words.
"Yeah. HYDRA has infiltrated Peters school, shots have been fired and he has lost his left arm now lets go."
Loki was listening to what Tony was saying.
"I'm coming with you"
"No you're not Reindeer Games. You're staying here."
"No I'm not. That's my boyfriend who's in trouble so I'm going with you!" ( I like Spiderfrost. If you don't like it then tough)
"Wait boyfriend?!"
Loki disappeared from the room and appeared at the school.
He waited for the Avengers to come who appeared 2 minutes later.
"Let's go. I'm not waiting out here whilst Peter could be dead!"
And Loki stormed into the building not waiting for the others.

Warning there's gonna be some blood.
As soon as he seen 'Charles' with Peter, Loki summoned a dagger and stormed up to him and stabbed him in the head, then pulled the dagger out and blood started pouring out of his head.
Loki then went to Dr Hortinger and plunged the dagger into his chest, the others arrived just as he did so and managed to get the children out.

Loki then got Peter out who had fainted from the pain and teleported back to the compound.
Bruce has stayed back as they knew that Peter needed medical attention and they didn't need anyone else getting hurt incase Hulk decides to lash out.

"Ok Loki. Place him onto this bed and I'll see what's wrong with him."
Loki did what he was told and placed Peter down on the bed gently. Bruce started to check over his arm and he told Loki to get out.
"Loki, I'm gonna need you to go out. The room needs to be sterile before we can do anything."
Surprisingly Loki obeyed him and went out of the room.
When he did so, the rest of the Avengers came up and asked if Peter was alright.
"I'm not sure. Bruce needs to check on his arm and I'm not sure how long that will take."

**2 hours later**

A tired Bruce emerged from the med-bay and said,
"Well good news is his shoulder isn't infected or anything. It was just amputated wrongly. But bad news is Peter has passed out and I'm not sure how long it will be before he wakes up"
Tony looked worried. That was his child.
Loki also looked worried. His boyfriend was in there lying on the bed.

**5 days later**

A very tired and greasy looking Loki was sitting next to Peters bedside, hoping that he would wake up soon. Luckily his prayers were answered.

Peters hand twitched, then his eyes fluttered open.

That's the end.
It continues onto the scene where the team is in the room and Loki teleports to Peters room.


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