19 - Guerrero Juancho Gutiérrez

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AnnSophia Fabron

It was the night of the 5th day since Sergio was missing. I think we all were bored with the rain outside. The continuous rain and thunder made us wary of the noise, wanting to see daylight. I spent a lot of time with Rhett that day. He was a sweetie.

If you're sad and you talk with Rhett, he will say something so funny, cheesy or corny that'll make you smile. He'll make you feel miles away from what makes you sad.

Throw in Tom with him, and you can spend hours in their company. They'll entertain you. They'll make you laugh. They'll never leave you feeling the same way you were: they'll put a smile on your face.

Rhett and I've known each other since we were four.

Our parents used to be colleagues in the Army.

My dad knew his dad and my mom knew his mom. Our families were completely military families.

Since our families knew each other, we've been close from a very young age. We used to play together (me and him) while Tom used to play with my younger sister MariaSophia Fabron (who was a year younger than me).

Our mommies used to ship us together and used to wish that when we grew up, we'd marry each other. My Mommie used to playfully call me, "Mrs. Finkleberry".

When we were ten, we both were orphaned at the same time when our parents died when they went for a tour (without us kids) to Alaska.

I remember that when I was mourning my parents' death, Rhett would always come to me, give me a hug, wipe away my tears and tell me that he was there for me. He told me that when he grows big, he would find a good job, then marry me, protect me and take care of me just like how my dad took care of me.

I found that very comforting as a 10-year-old. I always loved having him wipe away tears from my eyes.

After our parents' death, we were separated when we were put into the foster-care system. I never saw Rhett and Tom for three years until I came to Wolfgang when I was in seventh grade

After many foster-care houses, Miss. Longhorn found me and took me into Wolfgang. Rhett and Tom were enrolled a year before me.

It was on the first day of seventh grade at Wolfgang when I was reunited with the twins. I was surprised to see that they were enrolled there. Rhett smiled as he saw me. He ran and gave me a hug, causing Tommie to yell out that Rhett contracted cooties.

Rhett never stopped hanging out with me, even when Tommie quarantined him because Tommie thought that he was infected with cooties. We used to paint together. We used to race each other out in the meadows. We used to look at shooting stars together. We were so happy at being reunited. We soon became best friends like how we were before we were separated.

From then on we grew closer and closer until he finally told me that he had truly loved me for all these years when I least expected it.

He told me that because he loved me, he never had another girlfriend. He told me that because he loved me, he waited for so many years to tell me that he loved me. He told me that because he loved me, he still kept the painting I made for him when we were nine.

Safely in the chest pocket of his shirt, was that painting which he carried always, wherever he went.

Safely in the chest pocket of his shirt, was that painting which he carried always, wherever he went

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