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Oscars pov

I sigh as I stare at my newer batch of hard candy I made to top the coffee cupcake. Still missing something. I tilt my head before shrugging and placing the rack with the others to cool. They were good enough for me to save for home.

No need to waste it.

I turn my music back on and return to the batter I had been working on, bobbing and swaying along. After a quick taste, I check on my dough, seeing it had risen enough. I whistle as I pick up the tray and check the batter once more.

I spin on my heel only too meet an intense gaze, squealing and jumping, my tray of dough clattering to the ground in my fright. I blush when the bald man breaks into a bright grin, waving animatedly. Watching him walk inside, I contimplate walking iut to get a closer look at this stranger.

I hesitate a moment before peeking out, seeing Beth shaking like a twig. I frown but after a second look I understood her fear: Victor Zsasz. Even I felt some fear hit the pit of my stomach. Did I piss off Penguin?

"O-of course Mr. Zsazz. Sir." Beth's shakey voice speaks up and I decide to come out and change places. Wouldn't do for her to die from fear. "I dont know you." I walk out as Victor speaks, plastering a smile on my face. "You do know your infamous, right?" I hum from as I move from behind the doorway I used to listen in.

Beth sighs happily when our gaze meets, she still wasnt used to Gotham. I doubt she ever will be though. We trade places quickly, Beth all but running into the back room. I try not to shrink under Zsasz's sharp gaze, his dark eyes looking over me like a predator almost, never loosing that edge of danger.

"And you would be...?"

"Oscar, I assume you're here for more then staring at people?" I attempt to joke as I approach the register, hoping hurmor would soften his gaze. "Im here to pick up something for Oswald Cobblepot." I can barely suppress a shiver under his intense gaze. I tilt my head as I think, pulling off my bakers hat and placing it on the countertop between us.

I'm almost positive I sent that out earlier this morning. They shouldve gotten it.

I check my records again, nearly positive I had sent them out. Even if I hadn't is that a reason to send Zsasz after me? That's just extreme. After a quick glance at today's progess, I had sent them out this morning, and I place the book back in its rightful place. "Was the delivery not satisfactory? He ordered a lemon danish, a strawberry danish, and a cake, right?" I  pull my eyebrows together.

Victor scoffs, his eyes rolling dramatically and the expression was so cute I wanted a picture."Of course, fucking beanstalk."



"Not you, yes everything arrived well I lost?"

I almost want to laugh at the horrible lie. If he got lost why come here?"You got lost, decided to walk into a random bakery and get a free cupcake?" I hum as I reach under the table for the sanitary gloves.

"Free cupcake?" Zsasz stares at me as i pull them on, moving to the case. "If Edward sent you here its because you need sugar a sugar fix. Pick out whatever ones you want, I have to figure out what to do with them soon enough anyway."

He points to the newest cupcake to join the line, a lot of kids cleared almost all of them out on their way home from school. "That one. Why?" I grab it quickly, plating it on the plate easily. "You look like you have a sweet tooth."

Victor raises an eyebrow at me, looking over his dark attire with doubt. I hold out theglittery cupcake with a soft smile, just because he wears dark clothes doesnt mean I can't see his silly nature as well. He takes it with a slightly awkward smile back, moving to find his seat.

"Milk?" I offer before he walks off and Victor nods.

He takes his seat as I pour it into the matching tea cup, sprinkling cinnamon on top. I take a deep breath and walk over to the booth Victor chose to sit at, setting it beside his cupcake.

Zsasz looks up at me with big brown eyes, licking his lips before he speaks. "Thanks." I grin and mumble back a 'your welcome' before scurrying back to the register. I hum as I fake flip through a magazine, watching Zsasz through my peripherals.

A few customers come by, most wanting some sort of muffin and coffee or a bagel before Zsasz says anything. He clears his throat and looks over at me. "That was really good. Did you make this?" Victor finishes his milk before standing.

I nod as he walks over, handing me the plate and cup. Zsasz nods awkwardly, looking down at me. "I...uh...good job." He gently punches my shoulder and I stare at him in confusion. "Are you okay?"

"Yup gotta go." I can almost swear Victor was blushing before he rushed out. What an odd man.


I let my shoulders crack as I pull away from the dough, ready to let it rest and plump up. Humming, I place a cloth over the bowl as Beth knocks at the door. "Come in." I call out and the door opens.

"Your fathers men are here with our new menus with the design you made." She kept her voice soft, I had to strain to hear her.  "Can you watch the cupcakes I just put in and take out the ones I put to chill in a minute or two for me?" I take off my hat and hair net as I leave.

Beth nods, squeezing past me as I walk out to the register. Steve and Jeff were waiting, a sour look on their face brightening as I came into veiw. "Hello fellas. Cupcake? Donut?" I smile at my near family as I motion to my goods.

"You gots the donuts with them cereal pieces in them? I ain't have breakfast yet." Steve hums out as Jeff shakes his head no. He pats his beer belly, when I was a kid he was slim. "I'm trying to lose weight for the misses and your sweets are half the reason I'm here!" Jeff jokes and I chuckle as I pull out the donut for Steve.

"Hey, put this sign up would ya?" I hand Steve his donut and my 'be right back' sign for the store. "No problem,

I roll my eyes. "Im not a kid anymore." I pull off my apron, walking from behind the register towards the tables. "Lets sit." I pick the closest seat and they join me at the table.

"First of all, there is your new menus. The rest will be brought over tonight but Xavier is doin that so you can still go home at normal times just leave a note of where you want it." Jeff starts as Steve tucks into his donut, pulling out three thick stacks of menus.

"That sounds fair enough. Second?"

"Well, some people are lookin to start a war with your dad since hes getting older. We just wanna make sure aint no body comin for the bosses only son or kidnap you or somethin crazy." Jeff speaks up between bites, making Steve roll his eyes.

"What about my sister?"

"She can handle herself." Steve shrugs and Jeff nods. "I've seen her shoot a guy in the face." He taps his forehead with a thick finger. "Face."

I sigh, frowning. "Dad does remember I don't want any part of this...half of his life right? I got my own bakery to get away from that for christs sake!" I motion around use and Steve shrugs. "He knows in theory but he still holds some hope you'll follow the family business."

"Why not my sister? You just said she can take care of herself." I groan, not in rhe mood for this. "Because no body will listen to a woman. Look at what happened to Fish." Jeff scoffs. "Hell, I wouldn't listen to no fuckin woman, unless shes telling me how she likes this big fat di-"

"Jeffrey, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" I snap and he looks down, chastised. "Sorry. If a woman who was ready and able to gain and maintain control of the underworld would be listened to by me because they can just be as ruthless and cruel as men." Jeff corrects himself.

"Feminisim." Steve nods and I almost frown.

"I...don't know how to feel about these statements being attached to feminism each their own."

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