"Nathan, please. I can do it myself."

"Oh, don't tell me you are embarrassed because of me going through your closet," he pouted. "Damn, baby."

A whistle came from him as he picked up a pair of my white lace panties. My cheeks flushed while reaching out to grab them from him. "Stop. This is embarrassing."

Nathan grabbed a light hold of my wrist, turning in his direction. "How come you never wear this fancy underwear around me?"

"And how would you know what kind I wear around you?"

"I just do."

"Alright then. What am I wearing right now?" I squealed once he had picked me up and carried over to the bed, lowering the both of us down on it. "Be careful."

He braced his hands on either side of my head, resting his forehead on mine. His warm breath was blowing on my lips, and it smelled like coffee. "Hipster panties. They are new, aren't they?"

I was astonished by the conclusion he had come to. "How do you know?"

His one hand slithered down my body, landing on my hip, in the curve of my thigh. "And they end just right here. Let me guess... the color is dark blue?"

"What? Do you have cameras installed in my room, watching me change?"

"Why do I have a feeling you wouldn't be against it if I did?"

"Maybe I wouldn't," I admitted, arm slowly coming around his hip.

"Jesus," he breathed. "You're killing me. Come on. We have to keep packing. I want you at my place as soon as possible."

"You are not bringing me there just to lure me into your bed, are you? If so then I don't know how I feel about it."

"Even if a little part of me would want it, I would never go through with it just for that reason. I can swear I am doing this for your protection, no ulterior motive. I don't believe you are safe in this house."

I understood where he was coming from.

"And yet, you won't allow me to leave if I wish to. I still don't have a choice in it." I pushed him off when no answer came. "That's what I thought."

"Angela, come on. Don't be this way. This is not fair."

"Can you wait outside, please? I can pack my own bag," I grumbled.

"Just make it quick." He rubbed my shoulder before he was out the door. "I will be right here."

He did not earn a response as I proceeded on grabbing the stuff I knew would be useful. I rolled my eyes as I noticed Nathan stealing glances my way, a sly smirk appearing. I paid him no mind, blocking out when voices began speaking. Even though my brows knitted together as the voices got louder.

"I don't advise you on taking her anywhere. You don't have rights for it. I am her guardian so what I say goes. And I am telling you that—"

"No. Angela is eighteen, she does not need one anymore. Meaning, you can go pack your shitty things and get the hell out of here," Nathan spoke with such venom. "I am taking her with me and there is nothing you can do to stop it. She will be staying at my place and if you dare show up then I will call the police. And there will be an investigation started on you, and people will learn how much of a pedophile you are. You know I can bet there are other girls, not only Angela."

"You're a cop, so I am sure you are aware things are not always as they seem." I did not hear his other words, the ones which were whispered.

But those were which made Nathan snap and a thump sound was what followed.

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