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Ever since the accident had occured, Nathan had been different. Perhaps it was a frightening sensation inside him that had him behaving this way, but he was not the same guy I had fallen in love with. Of course the small parts I had come to love were still there, but they were not shown as much anymore.

And even though a couple of days had passed since the incident, and since he had invited me to stay at his place. Or well, forced me to. He was not delighted when the doctor suggested on me staying at the hospital for a few days more. Nathan wanted me to be rushed out of this place as soon as possible and if this meant going against the doctor's rules then so be it. He did not give a care in the world.

And there I was, sitting in his car, arms folded over my chest, staring at him with an angry stare. It was not my wish to stay at his place, even if deep down I knew it was for the best. I did not like that he had not given me an out, that he had pretty much forced me.

Well, this was what I had learned about Nathan. When things got tough, he would be at his worst, not succumbing to anyone's commands. When a horrible incident had occurred, his word would be the final one, there were to be no protests against it.

In all honesty, I missed him, his prior self.

It was raining hard, the rough tapping on the window leaving not a single minute between. I had always loved rain. I saw it as an opportunity to escape real life, to forget about all problems.

"Angela, come on you can't be mad at me about this."

"Who says I can't?" I did not spare him a glance.

Warmth flooded through my entire body when he rested his hand on my thigh. "Baby, I have to do what is best for you. I am only doing this for your protection. Please try to understand. I am not trying to harm you or hurt your feelings."

He did not receive a response.

But Nathan was not the one to back down, instead he urged on. "Angela, listen to me. I don't want you to feel trapped or anything like that. I'm doing what I think is best for your own safety."

I heaved a breath, leaning into touch. "I'm sorry for being mad. I just hate that you're pushing me to staying with you. I didn't want it to go this way. I feel like we're moving too fast. I don't want to rush into our relationship, sprinting past the unknown stages."

Nathan lifted my hand to his mouth, placing a kiss there. "I'm sorry for this. I don't want to make you feel this way. This just needs to be done."

No words were spoken between us before we arrived at my house. Nathan rushed to my side, helping me out of the car, giving assistance.

It did not help that I still had injuries from the accident, ones which stung deep.

"Careful with your head," he said, checking for injuries.

"Nathan, it's okay. I'm okay. Now are you absolutely sure I can't stay at home?"

"Yes. You're staying at mine. I am not letting you out of my sight from now on."

I did not answer as I headed up the stairs, as steadily as I could. I opened my mouth to protest when he reached for my drawers, throwing clothes on my bed.

"Nathan, stop. I can pack my own bag."

He shook his head, continuing to empty my closet. And my cheeks heated up when he went for my underwear drawer. I was by his side in less than a minute, clasping his shoulder blade.

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