Chapter 2: Back

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*Third Person POV*

Y/n's eyes shot open, temporarily blinding him to a bright white light. As his vision cleared, he realized that the light was a florescent bulb of a hospital roof.

"He's awake!"

Four shadows appeared in his vision, revealing themselves to be Winter, Glynda, Kyogre, and Iris. The ladies back away, as Y/n sat up in his bed.

"W-where am I?" Y/n asked, "What happened?"

"You fainted after losing to Yveltal," Winter said, "We brought you to the hospital."

"You've been asleep for a month," Glynda said, holding his arm, "We were afraid you'd..."

Glynda ad Winter held onto his arms, and Y/n hugged them, comforting them. Y/n then turned to his niece, who stood at the end of the bed. She had a downtrodden look on her face, disappointment drawn all around it.

"Iris?" Y/n asked, "What's wrong?"

"I heard."


"I heard what Yveltal... said," She elaborated, "What he said about... mom. What he... did to her."

Shivers ran down both their spines as they recalled what he had explained. Y/n could still hear his shrill, insane voice as he explained how he pleasured himself with S/n's body.

"What're we going to do?" Iris asked, sitting next to her uncle, "You lost, even at the height over your power. Yveltal is stronger than any of us."

"Yes, but not stronger than all of us," Y/n corrected, "If we all work together we can take down Yveltal and end him for good."

Everyone else looked around awkwardly, sending awkward glances to each other. Y/n noticed this, and turned to Kyogre.

"Where is everyone? Where did they go?"

"Well..." Kyogre said, tapping her fingers together and avoiding Y/n's eye contact, "That's a long story..."

"Then tell it," Y/n said blankly, "We have a lot of time."

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