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(y/n pov)

"LISA!" Ethan yelled as you two walked into the house. You smiled and looked up at him laughing. "We're here!" He said.

"Do you really have to yell?" You asked. He looked down eyes wide.

"Oh shit, what if she's sleeping?" He said. You shook your head, pulling your boots off. You walked into the house to see Lisa holding your daughter in her arms. She had her head leaned on Lisa's shoulder and she looked at you guys while she drank milk from her bottle.

"Hi baby," You said walking towards her. Mia pulled the bottle from her mouth and held her arms out to you. You took her into your arms and she rested her head on your shoulder. "What did you do today?" You asked her. She looked up at you.

"Book!" She said. You smiled and looked back at Lisa.

"She knows the whole thing by heart," Lisa said. You laughed. "I started to read it and she kept yelling out the next words." You smiled and looked back at Mia. Ethan walked by, poking Mia in the side. She giggled as you followed Lisa into her kitchen.

You and Ethan had dropped your almost 2-year-old daughter at Lisa's while you filmed a video with Grayson and his wife. Mia was spending the day with her grandma, and she seemed to have loved it. "MOM, you got any cookies?" Ethan began looking through the cupboards. Lisa winced.

"Would you not yell, please?" She asked. You laughed, walking over to sit on the couch, setting Lisa on your lap as she drank the rest of her milk. "I made some a few days ago for Grayson." She said, pointing to another cupboard.

"Daddy!" Mia yelled. You smiled as you brushed her short hair through your fingers. She looked at you and pointed to Ethan. "Daddy!" She said again. You nodded.

"Yes, princess," He said from the kitchen. Her eyes followed the voice as she looked over at Ethan pulling open a container of cookies. "I'm coming, daddy's hungry." He said. You smiled as she handed you the empty bottle. She climbed off of you and wobbled over to the box of toys she's left at Lisa's place.

"Wow, that's a lot of toys, sweetie," You said as she pulled out a stuffed bear. She hugged it with arm and reached back in. "Ethan you have to stop buying her all these toys." You said. He walked into the living room and rolled his eyes.

"You can't tell me what to buy my daughter," He said. He shoved the cookie in his mouth as he lifted Mia up onto his shoulders. She giggled as she let go of her bear. "Right, princess?" You smiled shaking your head.

"Did she have a nap?" You asked Lisa. She nodded and took the empty bottle from your hands. "Crap." You said. She looked back at you and raised her eyebrows.

"Why, she got really tired," She asked. You sighed and shook your head.

"No, it's okay. She just won't sleep at night if she naps during the day." You said. Lisa looked up from the sink and nodded. "And it isn't like I get any sleep, because your son also sleeps like a baby." You said.

"Hey, I need my beauty sleep," Ethan said. You rolled your eyes as Mia knotted her fingers in Ethan's hair. "Speaking of beauty, I need a haircut." He said.

"M!" Mia said. You looked up at her. "A!" She yelled.

"She gets the yelling from you," Lisa said to Ethan. You laughed. "She spelled her name earlier." She continued. You smiled.

"She got M and A last night," You said. "She got I?" You asked. Lisa nodded.

"Princess, can you spell your name for me?" Ethan asked her, bring her to his lap. She looked up at him. "Mia, can you spell that?" He poked her nose and she giggled.

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