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Kara is usually a person who like to solve everything with discussion and peace. USUALLY. Her strong and sturdy arm pull out the silver sword attached to her waist from its case. The sword shine brightly as it reflects the light from the sun. Using her hand, the blonde carefully check the sharpness of her sword.

"I just asked the blacksmith to sharpen this sword. ", she smiled.

The two kneeling servants in front of her are sweating in fear. They are officially death. Gulping his own saliva, James gather up his courage to talk.

"M-master, we didn't do it o-on p-p-purpo-"


Goosebumps run all over his body when the blonde called his name. He should have run when he still got the chance.

"Y-y-yes, master?"

Kara glare at the servant, "Did I give you permission to talk?"

The coachman zipped his mouth immediately. No more words come out of his mouth. Alex is nervously fidgeting at her kneeling spot. If she knew Lena would get lost to the dark area at the town, she would just buy the whole pig some other time.

Curse you, pig!

Moving her sword around confidently, Kara didn't even bother to look at the two servants. She swing her sword to the right, slicing the wit in front of James and Alex. The sword was 0.5 mm away from their face.

Huffing her face, Lena crossed her arms together.


In a split second, the blonde's serious face turn into a happy goofy face. Kara smile widely as she turn to look at her wife.

"Yes, my love?"

"Stop it."

The blonde sigh. She didn't reply to her wife, instead Kara merely stare at the brunette with her 'give me a good reason not to' look on her face.

Lena chuckled at home adorable her husband is.

"It is my fault, okay? I wasn't being careful enough."

"But, Lee...", Kara tried to argue. Only to feel the slender index finger of her wife on her lips.

"Shush, happy wife?"

"Happy life.", the blonde sighed.

James and Alex on the other hand are trying their hardest not to look at the newlywed couple. Being there, it feels like they are intruding a scene they are not supposed to be in.

Which is probably true.

A few steps away from the two idiot servants and the sappy couple, is Winn Scott. The one and only valet.

His neat hair, perfectly ironed suit, and shining shoes.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to interrupt your child play but we have more serious matter to discuss here.", remind him.

"That's right. We need to discuss about Cice and Zoe."

Lena explain. Kara furrow her brows as she pat her wife's head. The brunette look at the blonde with curious eyes.

"What you want to do with them, love?", asked the blonde.

"Let's adopt them."

"Okay, let's do that."

"You can't do that."

Both Kara and Lena turn to look at their valet.

"I can't?"

Kara asked him.

"You can't."

The blonde then turn to look at her wife once again.

"I can't. ", she stated.

Lena sigh in frustration.

"But, why?"

Winn, straightening his suit and click his tongue in such arrogant style. The valet stare in disbelief at his master.

"Because Lena had just entered the Danvers household. Adopting homeless children into the household now will hinder all the attention we purposely welcome around Lena. Besides, Sir Federick wouldn't allow you to adopt them."

Ah, yes, she have an uncle. Kara sigh. The Danvers bloodline. She need too keep clear from 'pests'. That was his exact word.

He was forced to accept Lena through their secret marriage and he didn't rebel against the marriage because... well, Lena isn't completely a 'pest'. She had the Luthor name with her. Have to admit it, the Luther is a lowly noble but yes, still a noble.

"So, adoption is not an option, why not give them work?"

A sudden suggestion from Alex. All the people there stare at the maid.

That's true. Why not give them a job?

Kara look at her valet.

"I could always use some more helper.", he backed the suggestion.

The blonde then turn to look at her wife. Lena nod at her. That's the only confirmation she need.

"Winn,go prepare a working contract for maids."

"As you please, master."

Almost immediately, the valet start making his way to the office. He is always so reliable with his work. The wage and accommodation for servants are all under his management. There are no one else she trusted as much as Winn.

Kara turn to look at Alex and James once again. A wicked smile appear on her face.

"Ms Danvers, I didn't recall giving you the permission to talk."

She smiled.

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