green ¦ part twelve.

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there will be many references from other animes, movies, comics, shows and games

word count: 8828

"third person pov"

"I will forever be in your debt, Vidalia-san, even if you did step on me." she awkwardly laughs at that as she held the book tightly in her grasp while the tiny fairy, which she learnt his name was Pomoc, glared at her.

"Right... truly sorry about that." he waved his hand.

"It's nothing. I'd rather not have ended up like, them..." he almost threw up at the memory when he saw the other dismembered statues return back to normal, having blood seeping out of where their missing limbs were.

"True." she then watches as he takes off some sort of crest that was clipped onto the collar of his shirt "If you and your party is ever crossing through the Fairy Kingdom, show them this crest and they'll undoubtedly let you through." she hums and takes it from him then examines it.

Crest of the Złoto Family

"Kuddos." he then sighed as he watched her put it away.

"Hopefully it won't be one of my sisters, especially my eldest sister, that confronts you. Unlike me younger sister, she is the crown Princess, she takes her royal duties rather seriously. I shouldn't even be conversing with a human to begin with!" she just lets out a laugh as she places her hands on her hips.

"Like this girl can scare me! I've fought monsters, what can she do?!" he sighed.

"You'd be surprised."

"True." she then waves him goodbye as he flies off "Safe travels, your Highness!" he waves.

"As to you, Lance Hero!"

"You met Prince Wożka of the Fairy Kingdom?" Minerva asked as she watched Vidalia make a new room for the Book of Magical Antiques, doing everything in her power to make it look like the one it originated from. Vidalia nodded as she placed the book onto a stone pedestal, she smiled to herself.

"I did indeed, though I'm hoping you could tell me a bit of the Fairy Kingdom and the Złoto Family." she asked as they both exit the room, Minerva nodded her head.

"Very well. Unlike Demi-humans and Monsters, they do not age as they level up, they are similar to the Elven people. Though as they age, it doesn't affect their physical appearance, we are old ourselves, but the King has been around longer than we have, making him a few thousand years old.

The current rulers is King Rodzina Złoto and Queen Łaska Złoto, though they have hearts of gold, they're very hostile towards humans. Their children, eldest Daughter Princess Siła Złoto, is a Warrior Fairy. Their second child, eldest Son Prince Wożka Złoto, a Strategist. Their third child, youngest Daughter Princess Motyl Złoto, a Musician.

As Hugo told me, Wożka-sama had warned you of Siła-sama, you should not take it lightly. As of royal blood, they are sworn to slay anything they deem a threat, her being quite literal of it. She's one hell of a brute, she could literally kick your ass along with the other Four Cardinal Heroes. She's a Princess that'll protect her Kingdom even if it means throwing her life on the line.

Wożka-sama is seen as a bit carefree and also an airhead, but he's really a master Strategist, something we should fear, from what I've been told, he gets it from his father. Though he's the weakest out of the three of them, he can create a plan that can make an entire empire crumble.

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