chapter 1

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"Have you done it yet?!" All my friends were bombarding me with this question, but I couldn't blame them; I was only dating the hottest guy in school! Ron Jones. He was the most athletic and best looking guy in March Field High School. Black hair, hench, tall, great facial features and let's not forget his package (if you know what I mean). Ah yes, every girl was lusting after Ron. Sometimes I truly wondered why he liked me. Well I'm not exactly ugly but I don't have huge breasts or a body that makes jaws drop. I asked him this once and his answer was "you're beautiful, you don't need make up, you have such a great personality and also you are the only girl so far that likes me for me". I'm quite a petite girl and yet have curves. I have a tight behind and gorgeous legs; I don't mean to brag, but that's just the truth. That is true, every other girl just wanted Ron - they wanted sex. It was completely different with me though; I was still a virgin. No I weren't shy; I just never got around to doing it. Of course I had interest and roughly knew what 'it' was. All my knowledge was word of mouth to be honest. All of my friends had done it already, mostly one night stands though. I could've never done that. Anyways I've got to admit that it I am curious...Me and Ron had also discussed this quite a few times. Being sweet he said "Look, Alice I'm not going to pressure you into doing anything. I am in this for you and not just for the sex. We'll know when the time is right". Oh I did love him for his sweetness, but I was beginning to want him. We had been together for about two months and I was certain that he really loves me. Of course we had kissed and that, but somehow we'd never gone further. I wondered if his needs are shut off around me. If they were then I would have to tickle them out of him. Well, I just didn't want to wait anymore. I couldn't wait to get to his house, I was nearly there I was keen to make my first move today.

-Later at Ron's house-

"Hey Alice!" Ron said having a massive grin on his face, I wondered why. We walked up to his room, and sat on his bed. I slowly leaned in to kiss him passionately. I was really getting into it and so was he. My hands were wrapped gently around his neck whereby his hands were wrapped around my waist, holding me closer to him. I paused one second and glanced at him just to give him a crooked smile. I wasn't really embarrassed but my emotions were playing up. He leaned right back in to kiss me gently. Suddenly I wasn't in the mood anymore, but didn't know how to tell Ron. He picked me up and stood me up against his door. Slowly, he unbuttoned my shirt and with every second I was feeling more uncertain. He got his manhood out and put my hand onto it to stroke it. Now this was enough, I pushed him off and stormed away.

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