The Rude, Blunt Kid|Tension

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C h a p t e r  N i n e

It was one of those days were I longed to sit under the shade of a big tree, a book in my hand as I enjoy the cold whirl of breeze all around me.

Or that's what Star is exactly doing right now.

We were currently outside, apparently, our teacher in English, Mr.Gan, said that he wanted to stimulate and help our imagination by looking at nature as our inspiration.

While that may seem promising, some people just don't and some of them lurk behind the shadows making out while Mr. Gan was out of sight. I sigh and walk my way towards where Star was.

She looks up from her book and raises a brow at me. "What are you doing here?"

I give her a look. "Shouldn't I be asking you that? And shouldn't you be there, socializing with other people instead of being isolated here?"

She gives a half-hearted chuckle and slams her book shut. "Mr. Gan didn't precisely tell us that we had to socialize with so called "friends" and even if he did, I won't. Does talking to someone have something to do with my imagination?"

I pat down my hair, combing with my bare fingers the strands of hair that went all directions and made a fuss. "I'm just saying it's not bad to talk to someone."

"Aren't you gonna sit?" she looks at me with her blue orbs of eyes.

"Do you want me to?" I ask her.

She looks away and pats down the space beside her. "I don't mind. Suit yourself."

I let out a smile and walk my way beside her, then slowly sat myself down the grassy fields. The weather sure feels nice and it's a perfect time to fall asleep. Well, we have an hour left anyway, might as well have some.

"What are you reading?" I say after a second of silence. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, the wind making her hair fly over the place. "It's Goosebumps by R.L Stine."

My eyes perk up in interest. "You like creepy stuff?"

She darts a glance at me, then looks away and fiddles with the cover of her book. "It's n-nothing really. It's not that scary anyway, and it's fiction."

"Well you have a good point."

"Do you like reading books?" she starts.

"It depends," I briefly reply. She nods and stretches her arms. "--I love reading, I can't imagine myself not reading one."

"Do you have any other hobbies?" I ask her curiously, wondering what this eleven year old do at all. Basically the only thing I know about her is that she's rude, sassy and smart for a kid her age. I really don't know her at all.

"I love to sing and draw, you?" I chuckle at myself. "I'm not really that talented."

"Fair enough," she says.

I let out a yawn and apparently it catches her attention, she stares at me for a few seconds before looking back to the trees. "You look tired, did you stay up all night?"

"I guess," I rubbed my eyes. "The project took time, it took me some fiddling until I realized it was 12."

"Do you want me to sing something for you?" she says in a mere whisper.

"Did you say anything?"

"N-nothing,"  she sounds dejected. "-you're getting delusional."

"I'm getting tired and the cold breeze doesn't help," I say. "--would you mind if I sleep for a while?"

"I don't mind, suit yourself, " she replies back.

I raised a brow. "You sound--tame today, you haven't insulted me as much, is there anything worrying you?"

"Do you want me to insult you?" she says it in a questioned manner.

"It's not that, but it's weird," I chuckle. "--well I'm gonna hit the sack for a while, so you're gonna finish that book without a pest like me troubling you."


It didn't him that long to fall asleep. As I glanced back at him, he was already deep asleep, his back rested on the root of the tree, his hands resting on his lap.

I closed my book and went closer, curious to how he'd look like. I stared at his long lashes, his mole that stood out from his face and his pink lips.

How many times had those lips been touched?

I sighed and sat back. "I'm such a weirdo."

I've always read those book in where the guy sleeps on the lap of the girl, under the rooftop like a cliché. At first I thought it was so cheesy, but right now I didn't mind.

Just this once. I bend my body and pull his heavy body on my lap, where it made a loud thud on my lap. I shriek and stared to see if he'd be awake.

He's so close, I say flusterred and embarrassed by the things I'm doing. I hesitantly bring up my hands and cautiously ran my hand on his hair. It was silky soft, and it felt nice on my fingers.

I couldn't help but let out a smile. "Why must my heart beat so fast everytime I see you, Zitco?"


C O U N T D O W N : 80%

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