Chapter 17

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"Can you stand the pain, stand the rain
Numb myself, but somehow you ease the pain. I can buy you new designer thangs
Gucci, Louis, Prada, yeah the finer thangs"~YNW Melly

 I can buy you new designer thangsGucci, Louis, Prada, yeah the finer thangs"~YNW Melly

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"Honestly suhhh you just needa find a new nigga." Ken said. I shook my head and waved him off.

"Thank you! I don't understand what the fuck she waiting for." Eisha said from the kitchen.

"CAN YOU BRING ME A PICKLE HOE!" I yelled. She came back into the living room and sat down and handed me a jumbo pickle. I bit the top part of the pickle and the bottom part and got some hot fries and put em into the pickle and started eating it.

"Hoe that's ghetto and nasty." Megan said.

"Suh when was the last time you got some dick?" Ken asked.

"Ummm... About 5 months ago." I said simply shrugging my shoulders.

"BITCH! You ain't had no dick in 5 months?" Eisha asked.

"Yes I don't even get horny this fucking pregnancy is the reason." I said.

"Uh uh Honey." Ken said.

"Bitch think about it. Why would I want some dick and I'm 6 months pregnant WITH twins don't nobody wanna fuck me with this big ass baby bump and that's fine." I said eating my pickle.

"Melly must be giving out that magical dick." Ken said.

"Is it that good?" Eisha asked.

"Sis if the dick wasn't good I wouldn't be pregnant." I said.

"You know what they say about skinny niggas." Megan said.

"I ain't even gon lie that dick be hitting my stomach." I said laughing.

"Lucky hoe all I be getting is that mediocre dick. Like what the fuck is that?" Ken said. Then I heard multiple knocks on the door.

"Ima go get it." I said getting up and waddling to the door. I opened it and seen Melly, Track, Bortlen, J Green, Derek, Jay, and a girl.

"Let us in sis." Bort said coming in and everybody followed him.

"Y'all ghetto as fuck, storming in people house. Fuck wrong with y'all?" Eisha said.

"Shut that shit up." Track said.

"Hey Destiny. You can't speak?" Derek said.

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