Chapter 12

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With their hands aching, the two boys went inside, Benji leading the way. They didn't make much small talk, but just kept waking, with Benji a few feet in front of Jorge.

"Here, I've got a small hiding place, not many people in the palace know about it." Benji said, turning left into the library. It was nicely sized, holding many nonfiction books about Spain and many other countries. It was where most of his education came from as a kid. The area was dimly lit, with only a few lamps scattering the bookshelves. Benji walked through a smaller door in the back that lead to a set of stairs that traveled up. Jorge stared at it for a moment, not sure if he should continue.

"It's fine, I promise it's worth it." Benji remarked, looking back at the boy with a few leafs in his hair. Jorge nodded, continuing his ascend up the circular staircase. When they reached the top, Jorge saw a small room, no bigger than the diameter of the stairs. It had a small table with a chair that could even be considered a small couch next to it. A window sat at the middle of the room, allowing a small amount of moonlight to waft through. It was cute.

"This was practically my safe space as a kid. My father didn't know about it, and most of the guards don't even add it to their rounds. I actually haven't been up here in awhile, but it's nice to just exist here." Benji said, making his way to the table and sitting on it.

"It's nice, but why are you showing me this?"

"I don't know. I just felt like you're different than anyone I've met here. Like I could trust you." Benji said, beckoning Jorge to sit in the chair. He did.

"And what if I'm a Russian spy, here to take over the palace?" Jorge questioned, mainly joking.

"Then you'll be a Russian spy with access to the best secret room." He joked, finding more laughter in that than Jorge.

"What did you mean by different?"

"Huh?" Benji missed what he said.

"Like you said I was different. What do you mean?" He wasn't sure how to respond, it's not like Benji could just admit he was falling for a palace servant. It also felt stupid calling Jorge a servant. He didn't seem any different to Benji either way. 

"I guess I just never had any friends here. Even just gardening with you has been something I look forward to." Benji said, his cheeks heating up as he spoke.

"Me too." Benji swore he could also see Jorge going pink, but the light in the room was so dim it was hard to tell.

"Do you see me as a prince?"

"Like all high and mighty?" Jorge paused. "I'd be lying if I said no, but this past week and a half, it's been easier to see you in a different light."

"What kind of light?" Benji had a hint of a seductive tone in his voice, alluding to something Jorge tried to grasp his head around.

"Definitely not a bad one." They made eye contact, and even with the dim room, both boys could see the mood between them. "So why, why did you decide to garden with me in the first place?" Jorge stood up from the chair, leaning on the table Benji was sitting at.

"You tell me." And with those three words, Benji pulled on Jorge's gardening April strap, bringing the boy to him. To his surprise, Jorge kissed back, his arms going to Benji's waist. They held their position for awhile, mouths lingering on each other's lips for as long as they liked.

When they finally pulled apart, the sun was completely set now, and the two boys could hear the crickets outside.


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