↠ The First Time ↞

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Can you believe it? It's been almost ten years now, and I'm getting that feeling as we're driving round this town

Luke: hey im in town. wanna go for a drive? :-)

Calum stared at his phone screen as if he'd just seen a ghost. That was one text he had not been expecting.

He knew the Hemmings boy was in town for the first time in what felt like forever for his older brother's wedding, but he absolutely did not expect any form of contact. Especially not any socialising that wasn't completely necessary.

However, none of that stopped Calum from answering affirmatively and quickly scrambling to get ready. His heart was beating fast in his chest, and he wasn't sure whether it was out of excitement or nervousness.

He wasn't left confused for long, though. When he opened the door to find a tall, smiling blond guy standing on the other side, it was definitely nervousness.

"Hey Cal," Luke smiled, rubbing his hands together before shrugging slightly, and Calum could only stare.

Luke was wearing a black muscle tee with a skeleton hand and the words I Don't Trust Me Either on it, black skinny jeans and converses to match. Calum felt way too insecure now, looking at Luke, his broad shoulders and muscles accentuated by his shirt. He was simply wearing his black and green Green Day shirt, a grey beanie and some skinny jeans as well.

"Cal?" Luke asked, furrowing his eyebrows so cutely that Calum just wanted to cry.

"Sorry, sorry, I zoned out," Calum chuckled, focusing his attention on Luke's face and- holy shit, was that a lip ring?

Oh, Calum was in too deep.

"Um, if this is too weird then-"

"No!" Calum protested quickly, shaking his head. "No," he repeated, more calmly this time. "I'm- This is going to be fun. Let's go."

Calum followed the blond down to his old white car, and he bit back a smile. How a simple car could hold so many memories, Calum could never understand.

"After you," Luke smiled, holding the passenger side door open for Calum.

The boy slid in, trying not to blush, and watched as Luke walked around the car to get to the driver's seat.

"So, where to?" Luke asked, looking over hopefully at Calum.

"Uh..." Calum bit his lip before shrugging. "Anywhere."

Luke shook his head and chuckled before starting up the car. "Alright then, to anywhere!"

Calum rolled his eyes, and all form of shyness and tension ebbed away. Luke turned on the music and Calum turned it up, and before long they were singing All The Small Things at the top of their lungs.

Calum sang along, a hand outside the window and his eyes locked on Luke. He was so into the music, drumming away on the steering wheel and bobbing his head to the beat. Damn, how he had missed this.

As the song came to its end, Luke grinned at Calum before turning the radio down a bit. "How long has it been since we've done that?"

"Almost ten years," Calum answered, smiling widely and shaking his head in disbelief. "When we were eighteen, right before you left."

"Holy crap," Luke let out a breathy chuckle, his bright blue eyes fixed on the road ahead of them. "Look, isn't that..."

"Yeah," I grinned. In front of us lay our old school, which I passed by very often but to Luke it must be so new. Or would it be so old? Oh, whatever.

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