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I held Nick in my arms, bouncing him as I paced, feeling him cry into my shoulder.

He didn't feel good.

I continued to do my school online, thinking maybe this was just a tantrum because he didn't want to go to school.

I soon kissed his head, feeling a good amount of heat, making me sigh

I couldn't afford this.

But, what other choice did I have?

I got dressed, also quickly dressing him before grabbing my wallet, making sure I had my money before leaving with him in my arms.

I carried him about three blocks to where I knew the nearest hospital was.

I carried him in, feeling the nerves of being here- hating doctors and anything to do with them.

I went to the receptionist, smiling, I wrote Nick's name along with my own on a sign in sheet before giving a brief explanation.

"My little brother has a fever and he's crying-" "go ahead and take a seat" she smiled.

I went ahead and called into work, holding Nick, feeling his cries stop, turning into sniffs until he was sleeping into my chest.

Five hours of waiting later- I was beyond tired and annoyed.

Finally, a lady came out with a smile

"Nick Johnson"

I followed her through a few hallways, soon sitting in a room where she checked his vitals while he was sleeping

"They're always the easiest patients when they're sleeping" she laughed, making me smile, kissing his head gently.

"The Doctor will be with you in a moment" she smiled, leaving the room, making me thank her.

I held his sleeping body into my own, feeling my nervousness completely consume my body.

Within ten minutes there was a small knock before the door opened- revealing a doctor who immediately smiled widely

"Doctor Hemmings, nice to meet you" He smiled, shaking my hand as he spoke quietly.

"And who's this little guy?" He whispered out, laughing to my sleeping brother.

"This is Nick" I smiled, seeing him smile in response

"Well let's figure out what's wrong with Nick, shall we?"

I watched as he went to his computer, clicking a few things, before turning to us, pulling his stethoscope out.

"I'm just going to listen to his heart and lungs." He spoke, making me nod.

I watched as he listened to my little brothers heart and lungs, focusing fully to the sound before giving it a nod, moving away.

"Any symptoms you're aware of?" He asked.

"He hasn't been eating as well and he's always easily annoyed, he's very irritable" I spoke slowly.

He nodded lightly, typing that into his computer.

"Is everything okay at home? No stress? No fights, nothing that could upset him?" Hemmings asked me.

"Nothing that would affect him" I spoke, knowing I made sure to stress or cry when he wasn't around- there was no reason to make a two year old aware of our horrible situation.

"I know this isn't the best task, but could you wake him up so I could see his eyes and how he reacts to certain things?"

"Of course" I responded simply.

I slowly woke him up by rubbing and patting him, talking to him quietly.

"He doesn't talk much" I spoke once he started waking up.

"Hey buddy" Hemmings smiles to him, moving closer.

With not a lot of cooperation- Hemmings managed to check Nick's throat, ears and eyes before moving to his stomach, making Nick do nothing but whine out.

"So he's definitely got some irritation in his throat and ears, it's just a simply cold due to the seasons shifting from summer to winter. I'm going to prescribe him an antibiotic and I'll want to see him back in about a week" he smiled firmly.

"Okay" I responded simply.

"So are you the mom or-" "no- I'm the sister" I spoke quietly, seeing him nod firmly.

"Is there a guardian here for me to discuss the antibiotics with, it's just protocol-" "our uncle works almost all day everyday" I spoke quietly, seeing him nod slowly, contemplating.

"I'll let it slip this time, but please urge him to come with next week"

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