4. Campbell?

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(A/N): I took some inspiration from a scene in the first chapter of "David Tennant Requests" by: @artistic_dork which I totally recommend that you read. 🌸 💫 ☁️
(Y/N)'s POV:


He looked at me and grinned "(Y/N)?"

"Uhh... yeah..."

He chuckled a bit.

"Long time no see aye?"


I got off of him and I noticed that I had caused him to spill his coffee on his sweatshirt.

"Oh my gosh. I am so, so sorry," I apologized.

"Oh it's fine really."

"Here let me at least buy you a new coffee, it's the least I can do."

"No, no, no, it's fine really."

"Come on, I insist."

"Oh alright," He said grinning.

We started walking to the coffee shop and I took a quick glance at him.

Man his hair sure does look different. It looks good on him. Did he grow a beard?

I got so lost in my thoughts that I forgot that I was staring at him. He looked back at me and I quickly looked away.

We arrived at the cafe and paid for our coffees.

"Wanna sit down or are you going somewhere?" I asked.

"I'm not going anywhere. Let's sit down, I wanna catch up."

"Alrighty then."

We sat down at a small two chair table. There wasn't anyone in the coffee shop this early. Just us.

"So what bring you here?" He asked.

"Um..I am going to Glasgow actually."

"Really? (Y/N) that's amazing!"

"Thanks. You?"

"I'm actually the DJ at a radio station down the street from here. I've got an apartment two blocks away from it."

"Wow! That's awesome! I'm so happy for you!"

"Thank you!"

"Enjoy!" The server said giving us our coffees.

He took a sip of his.

"So," he began "dating anyone?"

I choked on my coffee and coughed a bit.


"Are you in a relationship?"

"Um..no just got out of one."

"Oh...His loss."

I blushed a bit at his comment. I tried to cover my face with my hair. He chuckled a bit.

"Are you blushing?" He asked which made me blush more.

"No." I put my head down till it went away

"So... are you in a relationship?"

"Nope. Haven't been in one for 2 years."

We were together two years ago.
Oh god. Round two of blushing.

"How old are you now?" I say trying to change the subject, still hiding my blush.

"I am 22. You?"


He nodded and kept his gaze on me. I tried to hide my blush a little better so he couldn't see it.

"So I see your hair is different," I say.


"It looks good."

"You look good."

"Um..thank you."

Before I could even blush anymore I decided to get up and start to make my way to the library.

"Um...I'm gonna go. I gotta get some books or something."

"Oh ok. Can I get your number?"


I gave him my number and he wrote it on a napkin.

"We should do this again."

"Yeah. We should." I replied.

He wrapped me into a hug. I breathed in his scent which I missed so much. He let go.

"Call me," he said.

"Will do."

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