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Emma pov

Another finished day of school always equals a run in with school bullies. For me it was always one person though. Ethan Grant Dolan. I didn't get why, maybe I was just an easy target or maybe he really is that miserable to beat up a small girl. My train of thought was soon stopped when I heard my phone ding. Usually I would be excited to text who ever was on the other side, but this time was different.

*Message from EGD🐍*

EGD🐍- get ready for a bruise emma

I don't know why but I decided to text back.

Ethan pov

I messaged that slut and to my surprise she responded. She never does cuz I think she's to chicken.

*Message from slut😈*

Slut😈- don't worry yourself

I don't know what she meant. I wasn't worried at all. I mean I think I am.

Authors note
So here we are again. The beginning. I think I'm going to enjoy this tbh. But anyway I'm gonna keep this short and sweet just like the original. Hope you enjoy the restart of the beginning.

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