"Herkins!" The guard called out Making me sit up from the bed cot. "You've got a visitor." He informed as I walked toward my cell door.

  An instant lump formed in my throat as i extended my hands in front to be cuffed before I was let out. I had been in here for over two weeks and hadn't had one visit yet.  My time had consisted of staying in my cell except for showers or the crap  they called meals. I didn't want any yard time. The only person I had spoken one word to was Stacey.

  In fact she was pretty much the only person who had spoken a word to me as well. Besides the guards and their orders. Telling us what to do, when to do it and how to do it. I've always been my own boss.

   I didn't do well with taking orders from others but after taking one look at how hostile these guards could become I knew it was best I kept my head down at all times. Physically no of them here had scared me one bit but I knew they could and would make my stay here a living hell. 

  "You know you've been the only one in the new bunch who hasn't caused trouble yet." The male guard pointed out with a small chuckle. "what could a beautiful woman like yourself do to end up here?" He asked flirtatiously.

"I killed a cops brother." I said proudly hoping he'd take the hint. Pride was the last thing I was feeling about what I done to Elijah. well that was a lie, to this day I know I had to defend myself I just hated the ties that I shared with him. Anthony.

It wasn't the fact that I had taken a life that had me emotionally fucked up. It was the fact that he was his brother.

"wow. I guess pretty women are the deadly ones." He chuckled once more. "You're the first to admit their crime so easily and so early. Most people are still in denial about their innocence." He stated in an intrigued voice.

   I managed to tune him out for the rest of the walk to the visitation facility, which wasn't long at all. Once the metal gate was buzed open I was let out and immediately patted down and searched. "You've got one hour." He lectured while escorting me to my designated section.

  There sat both Chelsea and my aunt Lo. I hadn't seen her since the night of her party while Chelsea had to pick up DJ at the precint while I was being processed. Officially becoming a criminal. Sighing deeply I held my hands up once more, allowing myself to be uncuffed. Once the both of their eyes found mine they wore the same expression. Pity. As lonely as jail could be I wasn't ready for this visit. Not at all.

"Hey." I greeted with a faint smile that didn't reach my eyes. Its not that I was unhappy to see them I just wasn't sure what to say. It was shameful enough just for them to see me like this.

"You can't avoid this forever Ang." Chelsea spoke first.

"How's Darren?" I asked instead making her roll her eyes in frustration.

"He's okay." She smiled softly "He misses you." The tears instantly began pouring out my eyes. "Don't cry Angela." She pleaded as I hastily wiped the tears away. She looked at aunt Lo with folded arms and gestured for her to speak.

"There's a reason I came Angela baby." She started in a gentle tone. "I know you're looking for answers about what your.. Gwen's out burst. You too Chelsea. So I've decided to tell you both together."

"Is it true?" She took a deep breath and nodded slowly. "Were you even going to tell me? Ever?"

"No." She Answered honestly as one tear slipped down her cheek. "You weren't mine you were supposed to stay their daughter Angela." Her words stung.

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