Chapter 18- dads house

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Warning ⚠️ this chapter contains abusive people and homophobic slurs⚠️

1 day later
Jacks POV
School is out in 5 days! Finally, Zach and I's family's are going on vacation together. We will be going to Hawaii. I walk into school and try to find Zach. I try to call him but he doesn't answer. His phone is probably dead. I'll just see him in class I guess. I walk to my locker and shove my backpack in there leaving with everything I need for the next few periods. I walk to my classroom and I don't see Zach. Maybe he's just late because he had to charge his phone? The bell rings and still no Zach. I decide to call Myta. "Can I go to the bathroom?" I ask my teacher. "Sure" I grab a hall pass and walk to the bathroom. I turn on my phone and to call her. I search through my contacts and get to the M's. I call Myta. After a few rings she picks up.

"Hi Jack, is there something wrong?" She asks
"Hi Myta, Nothing is wrong, I'm just asking why Zach's not at school. He's not picking up his phone calls." I explain.
"Oh he didn't tell you? Zach's at his dads house because I'm out for work for a couple days" she tells me.
"Okay thanks, Bye"
"Bye bye" she responds.
I end the call. How come he didn't tell me?
I get back to class and focus on the teacher for now.

Zach's POV
I'm at my dads house for a couple days and it's horrible. My dad hates me. Mainly because I'm gay. At least he doesn't hurt Reese or Ryan. My parents got into a divorce when I was 13.
I finally am going to let go of my fear and come out to my parents. I know my mom will accept me but I'm not so sure about my dad. I'm sure he will be fine with it, after all, i am their oldest son. They call us down for dinner and we all sit down. I dish up and halfway through dinner I decide to start to talk to them. "Hey, I have to tell you guys something" I say. They both turn to me. "Yes?" My mom asks. "I-I'm gay" I say. I feel a bunch of butterflies in my stomach. They stay silent for a moment. "That's okay Zach, your still the same Zach to us" my mom says. My dad just looked down. I could tell he was mad. I was kinda scared of it. We finish up dinner and I head upstairs to my room. I hear a knock on my door. "Come in" I say. My dad walks in and shuts my door. He locks it. He walks up to me and I start to scoot back on my bed. He starts to punch me over and over again. It hurts so bad. He grabs a razor blade and starts to carve into my skin. He writes f** and bit**. Many other words as well. I sob and yell. I hear knocking and yelling at the door. The door is shaking because of all of the banging in the door. Soon enough the door falls down to reveal my mom. "MOM" I yell in pain. "Let go of him!!" My mom says to my dad. She grabs my water bottle in my room that is metal and full of water and slams it against my dads head. It knocks him out. She rushes over to me and starts to cry. She hugs me so tight and I just sob into the crook of her neck. She cleans me all up and the police take my dad.
End of flashback.

Ever since I've worn long sleeves to cover up the scars. My dad got out of jail a year ago. He was let off with a warning. I have to stay in the basement which is creepy but it's fine ig. He is just ignoring me but I guess that's better that anything else. I only stay for 2 days. My mom had us go here because it's the only place she knows. I wish I could have gone with Jack but I want to stay with Reese and Ryan. I didn't tell Jack that I was here because I didn't want him to feel bad about me not staying there. We sit down for dinner which is just some fast food. I start eating my burger. "So Zach, do you have a boyfriend?" He asks me. I'm kinda shocked because this is the first time he's actually tried to make a conversation with me. "Yeah, his names Jack" I respond. He just nods and continues eating. It was kinda awkward but I just went with it.

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