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So HI is nearly at 100k reads and that's so wild to me. Thank you so much for reading you guys. I truly appreciate all of you <3



"So the answer was yes."

"I mean yeah," I say, turning myself back to a regular sitting down position and not upside down on the couch like some six year old with too much sugar in their system.

Diane gives a suspicious look. Natalie, her girlfriend (who had just listened to a complete summary of my love life), is sitting next to her across from me, chin resting on her palms as she listens intently. She had been the one that had made the comment of it being a yes.

"But he never said it." Diane finally speaks up.

"Well, no but the intent was there." I shrug. Ethan had taken me home that night and hugged me out in the sidewalk, his chin resting on top of my head as we swayed ever so slightly from side to side.

It sounds strange but that for me enough of an answer.

"I don't know, but I mean the boy is clearly into you so I guess there's really no questioning it –"

"Well you asked me out." Nat pokes Diane on the side.

"Well yeah, but that's just the way I am." She answers, combing one hand through the other girl's hair.

"My God you guys, just get a room." I get my backpack from the floor, next to Diane's couch where I had been rolling around. Her place is really close to campus and it's nice to come her between classes sometimes. I'm somewhat surprised how little it had changed since she started dating Natalie. It's not like I think relationships radically change you, but you're always cautious with your friend's partners. You don't wanna lose the person you created that connection for another person they created a connection with. I don't feel like it's jealousy, I do think Nat is really nice, I'm just happy Diane didn't have to change to be with her.

"Sol have you worked on midterm for lit?" Diane asks after a few moments of small talk.

"Oh, yeah... well, kinda." The midterm was an open book essay over one of the books we got assigned at the beginning of the semester. I had chosen Wuthering Heights, because nothing says true love like hate loving each other and when one of you dies the other makes everyone else's life miserable and kind of kidnaps your daughter. However, because of club activities and work, and honestly laziness I hadn't gotten around working on it.

"You haven't written a word, have you?"

"No," I stand up, grabbing my backpack and throwing it over my shoulder, "but I am going to work on it right now and will not get distracted, when is it due?"

"Friday, midnight."

"You see? It's Monday, I got plenty of time to write a two –"


"Six page essay, no problem." I send her a flying kiss when she gives me a disbelieving glare, "Bye Nat, bye Di, you guys have fun Imma go be a good student!"

"You do that girl, and text me later!"


I do in fact go to be a good student and hang out at the library, forcing myself to write about angry people and bleak backgrounds. There's something about the Romantic period where everything was bleak and gray that just scratches and itch. It's not like I would have liked to live in that time, what with the skirts, and drug addictions, and the young deaths, but it would have been nice not to have to do anything in life but be the lady of the house, lounge around looking at trees and drinking tea and throwing a fit when I don't get things my way. Then pop out like two kids and die out of childbirth – or whatever.

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