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We've all been there at one point.
Having a WONDERFUL, AMAZING, CREATIVE idea for a book and you want to post it, and then you get totally swamped on the cover.
I was like that for a while on a book called Bars of Truth which I will post as soon as I can, and then I found a custom cover shop. Alicorns_are_cool helped me so much by creating 2 wonderful options to choose from.
Then, I thought, Hey, Self, I like making covers, so why don't I make one of these?
I asked Alicorns_are_cool and they said that I could make one...
So...Here we are!
In order for me to make a cover, I need to know....
Authors Name
Genre of the Book
Short Summary, Key Info
Any ideas you have for what the cover will look like
And anything else you want to tell me

Example: (I'll use Red Queen as an example)

Victoria Aveyard
Red Queen
A world divided by red and silver blood
Please comment this information and I'll make your cover as soon as I can! It might take a bit of time, but I will make it!
I would like some recognition for making the cover, just tag me, or mention me somewhere, but please don't claim it as your own.
(BTW, I use Over, Canva, Desygner, or Adobe Spark for all covers)
Helpful edits and suggestions for the covers are welcome, but please don't be mean about it.
I'm excited to try out making a Custom Cover Shop!

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