😱Unnecessary depressions and negative thoughts 😬~ Nats

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Sometimes we feel depressed and bored even when there is no reason to be.

The symptoms we face are such as:-

-Feeling guilty for no reason

-Don't feel like doing anything

-Feel like no one loves you and you are all alone

-Feel a strong urge to cry

These are some of the major symptoms we experience, it may also include anger and frustration.

There is one simple solution for the above symptoms and that is:-


That's right it's


Many a time we forget to eat something on a proper time or skip our meal.

These are stages of aftereffects of not eating food on time:-

If you skip a meal, you'll likely start to feel sluggish and be unable to focus.

- When we don't feel food for some time, we start feeling weak and exhausted. We start to lose our concentration and mess up our work.

Then the physiological symptoms start kicking in

-We might stop what we were doing before and try to do other things but fail in gaining interest in anything. Sitting idly, several negative thoughts enter our minds which shouldn't even have reason to enter your mind.

And over time you'll feel fatigued and may experience other long-lasting effects

-As time goes on and this cycle continues, our body exceeds its limits and we start getting dizzy and sometimes blackout.

So, to make these emotions and feeling go you just have to eat on time or whenever you feel like this open your fridge grab the nearest fruit and eat it.

Believe me, I have helped people who experienced these symptoms and the results were great.

What are you waiting for? Go eat something!

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