Part 12 ; Divorce

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*Y/n POV*

I did not expect this all could get to this level of my quarrel between Jungkook. He was able to slap me for the first time. Where is the carrying attitude of Jungkook? Who always make me smile?

Who has a wonderful memory with me? Who holds the promise to make me happy forever? All my memories with him started to play in my mind, all Jungkook's promises.

"I promise that I will make you happy even though we are forced to marry, y/n"

"I'm quite surprised that both of you have a special relationship now and I do not know about that relationship since when but what I know now is we're same now. Cheating on each other, all these are mirror reflection between us, y/n"

I look at Jungkook with my tears starting to fall into my cheeks. He is so cruel. "You slapped y/n just because you accused us of having a special relationship?!!!!"

Taehyung tries to punch Jungkook's face again but I stopped from trying to punch him. "Why? Am I wrong about this topic? There's no need to deny this relationship because it's all clear now. Why you want to hide it again?"

He gives death glare at Jungkook. "If you want to start this war and do not regret it later, otherwise I will break all the bones in your body" He said with his serious face against Jungkook.

"Honestly, Yes!! Y/n and I have a relationship now. Why? Is there any problem with it?" I was very surprised by Taehyung's word and Jungkook smirking then looked at me. "Well done, my dear"

Jungkook started laughing nasty while clapping his hands. "Y/n, I want you to get in the car now" Taehyung said and I slowly nodded my then leaves.

*A/n POV*

"I will divorce y/n as you want but with one condition, I wipp sued y/n in divorce law" Said Jungkook. "Are you crazy?! Why do you want to sue y/n?!" Taehyung shouted.

"You can assume them as the last prize for her as a husband for the last time" Said Jungkook. "For your knowledge, y/n is pregnant my child but I feel sympathy for you because you can not make she pregnant easily as I did on her, poor man"

Taehyung said with a smirk on his face but Jungkook's anger arose suddenly as a volcano exploded like no more tomorrow. He tries to give Taehyung a punch but he timely to grasp Jungkook's hand.

"I do not think it's time to use these techniques to fight as a real man but what's the point that we have many people in the group as Mafia King?" Said Taehyung to Jungkook.

But someone came and started talking behind then while holding a wedding picture of Jungkook and y/n with a smirk on his handsome face.

Then both of then looked at the person. "I hope you both do not forget that I'm a Mafia King who will also fight you both soon, so be prepare" Yes, he is PARK JIMIN

 "I hope you both do not forget that I'm a Mafia King who will also fight you both soon, so be prepare" Yes, he is PARK JIMIN

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